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Try it in Alone Palce

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By Mohit ChawlaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Try it in Alone Palce
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We will talk about how you can be cured, how to give yourself freedom from a sick heart. The sick mind wants to do everything, it should be done now, do not do anything for me tomorrow. Let me do it today, it means that its mind is ill. He should give himself a little time; he should be alone; take care of his body; he can meditate on his body; he can meditate on his body; I have made a story before about what is good food, you can see it

So tell you, I am a physiotherapy student and I have a lot of knowledge, I cannot tell you anything without scientific reason. I have a scientific reason for everything. What should you eat in the morning and what should you eat at night? What blood group is there, how much strength is there in your DNA, how much strength will your children also have, how old will you live and I have knowledge about all these.

I have come to share the same knowledge with you so that you can take advantage of it, tomorrow I will die, then what will I do with that knowledge if it does not work for you.

I have seen, I have seen how wrong you people eat your food, how dirty your lifestyle is, you eat double roti which is pizza and it is dirty for health.

There is a cure for all kinds of diseases in our country, our country is behind only and only then only and the only reason is that our country does not believe in itself.

And when it does, it assures the whole country that all of us who are on a good path can achieve our growth, we can all develop, we can all grow together, we can all separate and do nothing for all of us. We should all do something together.

Because doing what you love will reduce all your illness.

Try yourself with your life.

Let me tell you to experiment. You are the one who got up in the morning and took a bath with cold water and then went to your lonely room and lay in the room alone. Look at yourself for 1 minute. I look for 1 minute, don't think about that time, don't think about that time, don't think anything at that time, don't think anything about what to do today, what was done yesterday. Then you will find that after 1 minute when you work all day, after 1 minute all the time you used to work, but what will happen now I tell you.

If you stop your thoughts, then you will find that your body has become completely free from illness, that mental illness that was holding you for 1 minute, think that you understand that just watch for 1 minute.

Do not keep anything with you at that time, no phone, no laptop, no WiFi, no's city Instagram. Stay alone at that time, you are getting healthy, there is no stopping you, you feel that you are going on the right path If you want, you can imagine that you are walking on the mountains, you can imagine that you will not be able to know what will happen to him, whether you are doing this or just and just acting the mind is not so sharp that you Control I am coming how can you control your mind, you come with it, I know you will do a lot, I know you do not know, but this method works, I can write it.


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I personally believe self made is not 100 % true.

Every person has got help by certain people.. They may be mentor, friends and team members but they surely are a part of their successful career.

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