Transforming My Life In These 5 Steps

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Actually, transforming my mindset in these 5 steps.

Transforming My Life In These 5 Steps

This year has been quite challenging and I know that it's not going to ease up any time soon. It's a special year for me, and for the whole world in general. Now is the time when we have to awaken our consciousness and start seeing the world for what it is. It is the time when we have to finally come together and use our power to better our way of living.

I have been the most open-minded this year than I have ever been before. I gave space to new hobbies and revisited old ones. I dedicated time to research on things I knew nothing about before. I am learning new ways to take care of my body, my mind and my soul. And, of course, nothing makes me happier than sharing my found knowledge with others.

So if you are ready to embrace change, be more open-minded, and put more effort into self-care and prosperity, then read on.

Here are the ways I'm changing my life this summer, feel free to join me on this journey!

Becoming More Spiritual

I am the least religious person you could ever meet and most of my life I would strictly push away any sort of religious beliefs, practices, etc. I always found religion corrupted and never wanted it to influence how I see the world and how I live my life. That doesn't mean that I am not spiritual though.

I have been spiritual a big part of my life. I love to back my beliefs up with science because I don't like to give my energy to uncertainties. I will be writing a separate article on my spirituality, how I came to embrace, how it's backed up scientifically, and how it has improved my life.

Needless to say, accepting spirituality and taking it more seriously has helped me tremendously in such short notice. I am only getting started with my journey but I can already tell that it's doing me more good than I ever gave it credit. I highly recommend you look within yourself and start confronting your emotions, as well as build a strong connection with the divine.

Celebrating Life More

Not my life, but life as it is. Since accepting my spiritual journey, I have looked at the world with a different mindset. I see life in all things that have vibrations. not only that, but I also celebrate and appreciate life forms more now. I used to avoid showing love and care for animals too much, I used to look past their divinity and power. I used to hate babies and little kids and I didn't give two f*cks about plants. Now I do.

this may not seem a relatable point to others, but it is certainly a big step for me and I am so proud and so grateful to see the beauty in all life forms. With that being said, in my eyes plants are alive too, and I swear I can cry if I see a dead plant. I take care of the plants at home. I appreciate nature and any living thing that passes by me. The world really seems so much more vibrant and lively when you give enough credit to life and it's multi-dimensional forms.

Confronting My Emotions

Confronting emotions is the most important step to growth and healing. It is also the hardest step. I might write a separate article about it because it really is a tough subject. If you are feeling irritable, angry, nervous, heartbroken, scared, insecure, or anything negative really - you have to sit down and talk to yourself. You have to ask yourself why are you feeling like that.

Confronting your emotions will help you better understand them, their root, and how you can deal with them. It is one of the most necessary arts in life and I do believe that there may be no growth or healing without it. So, sit down, meditate, talk to yourself, you may write it all down if you want - whichever way is most comfortable for you.

Try to understand them, try to find their root and then work on letting those emotions go and healing. And remember that the people around you are not the ones to fuel those emotions, you are.

Restructuring My Reality

By this, I mean that everything that I have once believed in I will be questioning and restructuring if needed. I have recently realized that our realities are false and constructed by people who came before us. We live in societies where systems were created through human stories and myths, and now we believe those stories so intensely, that we perceive them as our realities.

The first thing I'll be focusing on is definitely my impact on the environment. I am so excited to finally choose eco-friendly and sustainable options for products for daily life. I have already found some amazing local sustainable brands that I am going to be buying from. I am also yet to do more research on these topics.

Another thing I will be doing is reconstructing my realities. I will be changing my priorities and the ways I navigate through the world. I will not be overlooking the education I get in university (while still preserving the reputation of a hard-working student) and concentrate instead on the knowledge I obtain personally from everywhere around. Some of the other things I will be reconstructing in my life are:

  • (Eco-friendly lifestyle)
  • (Not limiting myself to the education curriculums)
  • Be cautious of where i put my money. (support ethical businesses only)
  • Stand my ground and spread my knowledge despite criticism.
  • Learn more about an off-grid lifestyle.
  • Recognize my power as a member of society. (we all have more power than we think and we should put it into bettering our communities!)
  • Etc

Appreciating My Body More

This is so much more than just about confidence and self-image. Our bodies are divine, they are the temples of our souls and we rarely give them the credit they deserve, let alone the proper care they deserve. Our bodies are tangible, they allow our souls to navigate and interact with the mortal world. Taking care of them should be our top priority.

I have recently begun looking into the things that I put inside my body and how it impacts my body. I am done using unnatural, chemical products - whether that be food or skincare. Of course, I haven't yet gotten rid of all the unnatural products and unhealthy foods that I currently possess, I am waiting until I run out of them. I am also looking forward to doing more research before I can get more serious about it.

I am so excited about my upcoming journey and I am grateful for the progress so far, no matter how small. I really hope you guys take the time to concentrate on your priorities and desires, as well as your feelings and bodies. Take care of yourself and each other.

Alsu Gara
Alsu Gara
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