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Tomorrow Was Yesterday When Today Was Tomorrow

Convoluted, you say? No such thing. There's a perfectly logical explanation.

By KenPublished about a year ago 3 min read
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Time, it appears, is an aberration! There is no tomorrow or yesterday. There is only today! At least, that's my reality.

When I sat down at my desk to write today's article, I thought I was going to concentrate on New Year's Resolutions. But then I got to thinking, "Why am I so worried about preparing for tomorrow when I'm not positive tomorrow will ever get here?"

You see, today is the "here and now" in which we live. Today is everyone's reality. The lessons we learned from yesterday should be acted upon today and be positive for our development as humans.

There is no "tomorrow." It is an absurdity we lodge in our minds like a beacon of hope for something better. This is validated by the fact that with each breath we take, every second of the day, we are today consuming what we call "tomorrow."

Think about it this way: "Today" is always here. It wakes up with us and goes to sleep with us each and every day of our lives. When we awake from our sleep, today is ever-present with us. It doesn't disappear into yesterday, which, by the way, is also a figment of our imagination.

Whatever we have experienced in the past, "yesterday," cannot be undone, cannot be changed. You can't change your memory and you can't alter what has already happened in your life. You can only react to whatever consequences came about from past actions.

If we want change to occur, we have to change what we do today, because the falsity of "tomorrow" becoming real is non-existent.

Referring back to my New Year's Resolutions statement, that means I have to implement whatever changes I want to happen in my life in real-time, today. I can't be satisfied to sit around and wait for something to happen "tomorrow," because it will not get here. I have to effect change right away.

That reminds me of something Yoda said to Luke in the movie Star Wars: "Do or do not--there is no try." The same holds true for resolutions. They are either done or not done. The nice reality behind this, however, is that as each second passes in our day, if we happen to fail or not complete a resolution, we get the chance to start over.

That brings some consolation to our attempts to better ourselves. We get to try, try again. We have to adopt that tenacity, the desire to accomplish our resolutions. If we aren't successful the first time we try something, that simply means we are that much closer to accomplishing our goal the next time.

As Thomas Edison once said:

"I haven't failed. I've just found 10,000 ways something won't work."

Teaching our brains to think differently and to have a positive mental attitude will have a dramatic effect on everyone's "today." The only actions that count are the ones that are attempted here and now.

Every single

I'm not waiting on January 1st, 2022 to initiate the changes I want to make in my daily life. I have decided to start them today, right now. Being decisive and taking charge to get things done is empowering. It puts me in control of the rest of my life, leaving no chance for me to blame others if I should miss my goals. It's all on me!

I am not afraid of failure. I know if I fail the first time, I will have learned something valuable from the attempt. Having that experience will pay off somewhere down the road, perhaps. Or, it may teach someone else to not make the same errors I made when I tried to make positive changes to my life.

Thanks for reading this!


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