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Journal #1: Breaking It Down

By E.K. SandovalPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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You're staring at the clock again. Hoping, no, wishing that it stops moving forward. That it doesn't go up one more hour, one more minute, one more second. Maybe it will freeze you think. That way you could lay there without wasting another minute. Because it's not wasteful if you are not using it.

The reason you don't want time to move forward is because your mind is telling you one million different things about decisions that you have made, are making and will make in the future.

Something as simple as I need to do laundry becomes a puzzle unsolvable. So you resort to doing something mindless to where you barely have to move.

Oh! Look! Your phone is right next to you. Maybe you will lose yourself in the next 15 posts on your news feed. Times that by three, one for each popular social media site, and that is probably a more accurate number of posts needed to satiate the procrastinating hunger.

So let's go back to the laundry. I mean "God" (<---insert deity or non-deity you pray to here) knows it needs to get done, but your body is just too heavy to follow through. So you can do a couple of different things like break it down into smaller steps. That seems fair. Make the steps really small and super achievable so they don't seem overwhelming.

  • Step one: Get out of bed.

Seems simple enough, right?

  • Step two: Put your feet on the ground.

Holy crap, you are moving.

  • Step three: Pick up a bunch of clothes that are probably on your floor.

Don't act like you don't know what I am talking about.

  • Step four: Walk (drive) yourself to the laundry room (or laundromat).

Okay, so you have your clothes and you are on your way. The hardest part is to try not to get distracted by all of the nice pictures in your hallway or the TV in the living room. In other cases, maybe you forgot to grab food before you started. Forget all that, you can get food in one second.

  • Step five: Dump all of it in the machine.

This is the cool part. Now you get to press some buttons and make your clothes take a bubble bath. You are done!

  • Step six: Finish reading.

Now, why in the world did you just read what is seemingly a how to on laundry? You know how to do laundry. At least, I think you do. But possibly, because you were procrastinating doing laundry.

Maybe because you are like me and sometimes simple tasks can seem mountainous. You needed to know that there was someone else like you in the world that struggles with themselves. You are not alone. Life is hard. Here you are trying to achieve your dreams and every task toward that dream is something meaningful no matter how small.

It is the simple stuff that is hard. It is the simple stuff that gets away from you. So while you are out achieving your dreams, the dishes pile up. The clothes consume your floor. A little dust has become a film on all of your stuff. You tell yourself that you will get to it tomorrow when you have more time. Then you instead watch hours and hours of stream content.

Everyone goes through something like this. For some, this process is just faster. For people like you and me, this process takes a while longer. The reason that you made it this far is you want to know how to make that process shorter. Well, you already started just by reading this article.

Break it down. That is the key. Break it down and the simple things can also be easy. Break it down. Once you do that, then the simple things finally become simple. It is the simple things after all that continue to guide us through our pursuit of happiness.

I hope that this helped or at least brightened your day. I know it lightened my shoulders.

Thanks for reading! Until next time, stay hopeful reader and may your wildest dream come true!


About the Creator

E.K. Sandoval

Hi! I'm just a guy writing about this thing we call life. I journal about my exp and struggles with mental health and life in general. I occasionally dabble in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Stay hopeful reader and may your wildest dream come true!

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