Throwing Money Away Like Its Garbage

I Need To Learn Budgeting!

Throwing Money Away Like Its Garbage
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When I think of money I think of malls, nails, hair, and etc. Its all a girl wants to be pretty and to have the latest fashion. My parents are very successful and have earned there riches. When it came to money for me it was a whole another story. I didn't take money seriously. I just thought it was a piece if paper that could get me anything. I mean money can get you anything you want. On the other other hand you have to work for it and I wasn't the best at that.

When I was fifteen years old I worked at McDonald's. I always thought I would be judged. The interview process was really easy. I can say that I'm cocky about how great I do at interviews. That wasn't the point though. The weak spot for me was keeping jobs. Well to be honest that isn't the topic of this story. The real topic is my problem with spending money and learning how to budget. It wasn't my favorite thing to do. Everyone always would say "You spend so much money!" "You blow all of your checks!". It didn't stop me from spending.

To go back to working at McDonald's I worked a lot of hours. I would wake up at six a.m. I dreaded having to wake up so early. My dad would have to take me to work. One fact about me is I don't have my license. For him it was hard to wake up that early on a weekend. He really did care and he still does but he wanted me to do well at this job. A month goes by and I started accumulating checks. I decided to go to the mall and my stupid brain told me " Hey, I have an idea we should go shopping every other friday". I listened to myself with open ears. Then that friday, I took an Uber to the mall and I literally breathed paradise. I exactly knew what stores I was going into. Buying cute stuff was my cure to any bad day. I never believed the saying "Money doesn't buy you happiness" and I always got mad when someone told me that.

So I continue shopping and hours go by. It was hour two and I hit this really cool looking store called LuLuLemon; I looked at all the clothes they had and I asked the associate "M'am do you have any high waisted leggings and a black workout shirt?" She replied "Yes! We have a lot". What are you looking for particularly?" I said "Anything cute!". I browsed the store and found the perfect leggings. I tried them on and they were perfect. Then I looked at the price tag and it said $98.00 and I thought in my head " Well there worth it!, whatever I'll buy them." I was still trying to find that black workout shirt; so I finally saw it and did the the whole try on process. I looked at the price and it was $45.00. I went to the cash register and was completing my transaction and she said "M'am your total today is going to be $143.00". To skip to the end of this interaction, I bought them and I couldn't be any more happier.

Two hours go by, I went into other stores and just bought and bought. Then the feeling of having everything I wanted; I crashed I had no more money. I had to call my father and tell him I ran out of money. He said " That's your fault!". I replied and said "I need a ride home!" He was hysterical and couldn't take my madness. About fifteen minutes later he called me back and calmly said "Ok fine, I'll be there in thirty minutes stay where you are!"

He picked me up and asked "So what did you buy?" I replied in a happy tone "Well, all cute things why? He replied " How much did you spend?" I went silent and didn't say a word. He went on a rant about it. He said "Why did you buy this and why do you need this?". His questions didn't mean nothing to me at all. When I got home it was weird because my mother didn't even care. She just said " Ooo did you get any nice clothes?". I happily replied "Yes I did!". Then I went upstairs and put my stuff away. The clothes were always folded nice and neat. Keeping the shopping bags always felt like a souvenir. So finally I came to a realization where I'm thinking "Maybe I do have a big spending problem". Then the truth is told.

I still have a problem with spending money but I'm doing much better. I get the things I need and not the things I want. I'm currently unemployed but I do receive money from my parents. The allowance is very little but I can work with it. It helps me sort out what I need and how to budget with it. When I do get a job it will be different. I hope to learn more ways to budget my money. I have a good support system that helps me as well. The big lesson here is to save the money you have for what you need in the long run. On the other hand you can still have a fun but watch what you spend.

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