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This Is How to Get Better Ideas

by Qalam 3 months ago in advice

Introspection: To find your great idea you need to find yourself first.

This Is How to Get Better Ideas
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Ideas, we all need them. Whether you are a writer, entrepreneur, or just hungry for an alternative view of this world. We are all seeking ideas. But how do we get them?

In the modern age where everything from coffee to cash, we like all things in life to be instant. The human brain doesn't develop light bulb moments like that. And so the greatest of ideas take years to happen. So Where can we get better ideas from?

No, as tempted as I am to say it is but Google isn't the answer. I am sure it seems like the quick option, but any idea from google isn't necessarily any better than the next person's idea. Although, it can be a great source of inspiration.

So yeah, the idea is that inspiration and ideas are distinct from one another. But they still help one another.

If you pay attention to the things around you, they will inspire your best ideas or parts of them.

Ideas are cyclical between us and others amongst us. If only we are willing to look closer and pay attention.

To get better ideas we must pay attention, but on the things that have grabbed our attention, that was originally someone else's idea. See the best of ideas don't require paying attention they appeal to you. The right sorts of ideas will inspire and attract the right person to it. That's how this universe of successful content creation world. But as it engages our minds, it starts to form another idea, and someone else next to you may also develop another idea that is totally different. It is all down to our way of looking at things that form ideas rather than the thing itself.

Our ideas become inspire other ideas. It is easier to understand when we accept the fact that we are all interrelated

Don't look out, look in.

To get better ideas, it is often advised that one must live more mindfully. Having tried meditation for several reasons, I can tell you now no ideas magically conspired whilst my eyes were closed. All that I did achieve was suspicion and skepticism of my surroundings.

It is said the clarity of thoughts gives better ideas. The mind needs to be calm and composed in order to be effective. But not when you are a creator.

As much as a clear mind can help you, it isn't as easy to have a clear mind. And many creatives will argue their best ideas came from chaos. And it really does. The reality of a content creator is not nearly as organised as their content feeds look.

Our desks are disorderly and our brains are more disorganised and also confused with doubts questioning our work.

Having a clear mind is useful, but since that is hard to achieve let's try other alternatives to find better ideas.

Take a break

No, wait, don't go on a 3-week vacation. I am not talking about a mindfulness retreat to go on a soul search and find your inner calling. No that's a better way to waste time not find better ideas.

Often and frequently, take little breaks away from work and maybe annoying people around you. And do whatever makes you feel happy. A twenty-minute nap or a marathon.

This has been one of the best ways to beat writer's block or unlock it anytime I experience a brain freeze.

When I run out of words from the tiny thesaurus in my brain, I find it hard to keep typing. So I just get up and walk about the houses or just scroll on social media (I don't advise this to anyone, this is lethal for your productivity).

Taking a break allows me to collect my thoughts, and as much as I try not to think about work during my little breaks, I can't stop. And that is when I get an even better word for my stories, a better paragraph, and even manage to see the flaws in my work without being in front of it. 

So I guess going away from your work is one way to become better at your work.

But, mind you don't be away for too long. And that is why I say you shouldn't scroll on social media during your little breaks because then they'll just become long enough to be vacations.

Complete the mundane minor chores

Wash them coffee mugs that feel abused by all the neglect, fold away last week's laundry, and put the bins out on time.

If you are confused, this is not a reminder of all the things you need to do around the house. This is a way to get you away from your work.

As discussed on the last point above, going away from your work for a little while can actually make you more effective.

Doing these minor chores around the house is an effective and active way of taking a break from your work. Without wasting too much time.


The classic way to tap into your inner voice. This will help you understand who you are, your interests. It will make you aware of the ideas that will be best for you to execute, things that you will excel at.

When you regularly write down your thoughts and feeling you will soon realise that you understand yourself and identity a bit better.

Books: read and breath

This is my mantra to succeed as a writer, oh and I also write, of course.

Reading is the biggest source of ideas for all of us. It doesn't matter whether you are a sports star, CEO, or Doctor. We all need to read.

Nowadays we can find words floating here there and everywhere. From the cute captions to the painstakingly long academic journals. So what do we read?

Read books. These are the best options for the most authentic inspiration.

People who write books, or an author, spend a lot of their time on this book that has been lying on your bookshelf for months or years now., And more than a lot of this time is not spent writing. A lot of the time is spent on research and editing.

That is why you can be sure that the ideas presented in a book mean so much more to both the author and you as a reader than that tweet or caption on social media.

Ideas' are about introspection

To  get better ideas we needed to understand who we are and our interests. This is because there is an infinite amount of inspiration out there in this world, should you choose to see it.

So it can be hard to understand which bit of inspiration you need to take and which bits will form your great idea. And for that, we need to know who we are.

There are many great ideas to be formed, but which one will be great at executing.

To find you great idea you need to find yourself first.



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