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Think about how great you are!

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By KylaraPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Think about how great you are!
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It happens so often that we compare ourselves with others. In most of the scenarios, the others perform better than we do. We ask ourselves “How is it possible that this person has come so far in his/her career at such a young age, while I have no clue what I should do?”, “My best friend has such a wonderful family (while I am still single)”, “She is so gorgeous/He is so handsome”, “my sister is so much more passionate”, and so on. There are plenty of different examples of these nasty thoughts with which we compare ourselves to others But hold on a second! Yes, these people are good looking, friendly, ambitious, … and just in general amazing. But you know what? You are fantastic as well! Don’t forget about that.

Don't just think about how great other people are, think about how great you are!

Every single person on this planet is unique, and so are you! Trust me!

There are not two identical individuals on earth. And nobody is perfect, however each of us is exceptional in its own way. What does being perfect mean anyway?

Do your own thing as long as it feels right. Do whatever makes you happy. If you don’t know what makes you happy, take your time and figure that out. Try as many things as possible, you’ll find your thing.

Don’t change yourself (neither your character, nor your physical appearance) to not show any weakness or to just please someone else in order to get their attention. Because you know what? Everyone has their weaknesses! It is totally okay to live with your weaknesses. Accept them if they don’t do any harm to you. But it is also okay to work on them in case your weakness is not good for you. Many people work on them. However, just do it for you. Don’t do it for somebody else. Just for you! Because you want to change it. And be aware that changes can take time. Don’t push yourself too much. This can have the opposite effect and make you unhappy. Enjoy the way to reach your goal and make the best out of your time.

The most important thing is how you see yourself. You can't ultimately influence how others see you. In case you ask 100 different people how they see you, you will most likely get a 100 different answers. Don’t ever question yourself because someone else does. I know it can be hard. I was there as well and sometimes I still fall back in old habits. For some reason we tend to value the opinions of others more than our own. But you should believe in yourself, your skills and your strength.

Don't pretend, be exactly the person you are. Because that is what makes you that special person that you simply are. Who doesn’t like you because of you, is not worth your time, attention and patience. So simple it is.

You carry a very precious treasure inside you. Do not allow it to be lost! When you start questioning yourself, try to focus on people who love you. Your family, friends, partner, maybe even your dog. Each of them loves you in their own way. But they love you for a reason: because you are you! Allow you to love you the way you are, just like they do.

So always remember: Don't just think about how great other people are, think about how great you are!

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  • JoAnn Ryan8 months ago

    Well said. We need to love and care for ourselves just like we love and care for other people.

  • Novel Allen8 months ago

    I needed this upliftment today. Thank you. Great advice.

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