Things My Momma Said About Life

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Truth in Time

Things My Momma Said About Life

Things my mamma said is real life advise that has always led me into the light. Maybe her words can help you too...

Take care of your family. Do the right things even when it isn't popular. Don't cheat on your partner. Don't let your partner feel less than any other person by your treatment of them. Speak the truth as you see it but be willing to listen and learn, your truths will change as you grow with time and wisdom. If you have kids then take care of them. Teach them the realities of the world and how to stand apart from the negative part of the world. Never let anyone hurt your babies, stand up for them and teach them to stand up for themselves. No matter how much it hurts inside accept when others show you who they are. Do not see them as you want them to be but see others as they really are.

Take time to love yourself more than you love to serve people. Save as much as you can. Two families can't rule the same nest. Plant and tend to a garden at least one year in your life. Value time and heart, not money. There are a lot of wealthy people in the world, you can fall in love with a poor person just as easy as a rich one. Let neither treat you poorly. You will decide how others treat you. Never be prey. If you are threatened go to meet the threat. But don't write a check that you can't cash. Very short people and very tall people cannot maintain a healthy relationship. And she wasn't talking about actual heights of people. Be good to animals and small kids. Both are innocent and will develop into how they are treated. Forget fighting fair, if someone hits you fight as if your life depends upon it. It most likely does. She was talking about using the legal system not physical contact. Yet, if physical contact is utilized the same theory should be put into practical application.

Take self-defense classes and know the law in your area. Enjoy eating whatever you want to eat. Life is short. Use herbs to heal instead of synthetic drugs created in a pharmaceutical lab. Herbs cure and synthetics kill. Enjoy your family and always hug one another and tell the person that you love them when parting. Never say goodbye, say until next time or "later." It could be the last time that you see them. Be honest in everything that you do or say. Be calm in all situations, they will pass one way or another. Complain less and strive to understand more. Do not gossip about people. Or surround yourself with others that gossip. It is a complete waste of your valuable time. There is no difference in a person of color and a person of less pigmentation other than the amount of pigmentation in their skin. Humans are one species of beautiful colors, minds, and hearts. If you want to know who you can trust in your house alone then leave a $20 bill laying in a weird spot when they visit. Check and see if it's there when they leave. Don't steal, lie, cheat or kill. Do whatever that doesn't hurt you to earn a living. But earn one. No one owes you anything. Learn all that you can and help as many as you can without hope of reward. Never date your friend's exes. Research before investing your time or your money into anything.

Others' opinions of you are not as important as your own opinion or you. Be able to smile at the reflection in the mirror. Wear what fits your happiness and not what others think is fashion. Learn to sew just in case fashion doesn't create your style. If you have to show your body off to get people to like you they aren't ever going to be a real friend. Rescue as many animals that you can. Rescue as many people that you can. Use moisturizer starting as young as possible. Drink a lot of water. Go outside at least thirty minutes every day. Look at the sky every day. Find beauty in all situations. Learn to accept criticism, change if you need to change. Praise others when they do well. Talk to them about an issue when they aren't doing things well.. in private. Lift the broken-hearted. Just being present with them is sometimes enough.

Learn to cook what you like to eat. Cook at home. The smells will be remembered. Make funny faces and sing in the shower. Sing anywhere that you are comfortable. Get educated in what interest you. Even if that means you will make mistakes. Humiliation builds character and success in overcoming a setback is glorious. Work in something that makes you smile while doing it. Be silly. Be serious. Be you in all situations. Stay away from those who blow their own horn. Pick up after yourself. Speak your mind while being kind. Learn that everyone is doing the best that they can and some may be further ahead or behind where you are and that is alright too. Read your faiths work. Then read other faiths works. Correlate them as much as possible. They all combine in some way. Never think that you are better than anyone else because of your faith or where you're from.

Don't judge people, judge their actions. Love slow and hate slower. Learn to defend yourself with wisdom and with bronze. Join groups of people that help you soar to the heights your comfortable with going to. But then will make you go further. Solitude wasn't meant for people. Get out into society and see where you can be of the most usage. We are all servants, tip your waiters. Say thank you to the janitors. Hold the door for the stranger. Compliment the elderly, it may be the only kindness they receive that day. Volunteer your time at some point in your life to the less fortunate. It's easy to stay in your crowd and help out others. Stepping outside your own bubble will enlighten your life in ways you never expected. Increase your circle every chance that you get to expand it. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger... tell no one. Charity starts at home, help out your family members who are in need when you can. Even when you're mad at them or think they don't deserve your help. Family will always be family. Raise them up! And We are all family in the end.

Bottom line is that love will take care of every problem on earth if we all learned how to just do that, to love.

Listen to your mother's words. The voices of angels fade away like a shadow in the night. Leaving behind instruction, if heeded, that could save the world from hate and sorrow.

The only thing that you take with you when you die is what you leave behind in the hearts and minds of the people you've met along the way. Try leaving love, light, kindness, and understanding in the hearts of the people who you've come into contact with. In order that their minds know goodness and how to share the kindness by your example.

Be strong standing against the injustices of this world.

Build an army of one. Focused on peace. Standing upon wisdom and strength.

Show love to all people around the world starting with yourself.

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