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There Is No Competition

Look in the mirror.

By Karina NistalPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

I remember being younger and just knowing I was different. I remember sometimes comparing myself to other people and wondering why I couldn't find more common ground. At one point or another in life we all go through it. We look for comforting comparisons rather than embracing our own uniqueness.

It was my uniqueness that led me to be a creative. It got to a point where I couldn't help being different and I actually wanted to stand out. I wanted to be recognized for it. I didn't want to be an outcast. Although I remember once or twice being one. I grew to love my distinctions and learned to embrace them the best way I knew how.

Comparison can be a never ending theme in our lives and it can be dulling. It doesn't necessarily have to be jealousy but it could be that you're in a place where you're comparing notes especially if it's someone who is in your field or career path.

As an artist, I realize there's a saturation of artists out there. Everyone is performing, writing, creating visual art, animating, and just creating in general. I think it's pretty amazing when we can use the talents we've been given. You realize some people will stand out more than others, work harder than others, make more effort than others, or simply move on to a different career path. It doesn't mean that person was not intended to "make it," it just means they were destined for something different or they may have possibly given up too soon. Maybe they found something they enjoyed more.

Let's be honest, there is no real formula for "how to make it." You can work so hard through the day and through the night and feel like you're not making any progress. It might not be the progress you'd like to see. You might be moving slow, but any step forward is better than being in the same place. Keep moving forward.

There's plenty of times you'll be tested. Even your own friends will have you questioning their support at times, but just keep moving forward. You were created with enough uniqueness to stand out and live life your way. You were created to design your own journey and to shine your light wherever you can. It's okay to be different. It's actually so much better than being a cookie cutter version. You have something to offer no one else does. You can do things no one else can. Because you do it differently, your energy is your signature. That's your brand and what will set you apart from everyone. Don't worry about anyone else because that's the perfect way to distract yourself and get off task. Put yourself in a head space where you can get to work. Your work is important!

The next time you feel like there are people better than you, remember there are plenty of things you can do to step up your game. Those people should be your motivators. I celebrate the people in my industry who are great and making things happen. Maybe you can collaborate with them to see what works for them. My advice is to find a mentor and follow them. Ideally, they will be someone in your line of work who you consider successful. Watch and observe to see how they make things work. Guaranteed you will learn some things if you find a few mentors. Practically everyone that's anyone has a YouTube channel. If you can find a real life mentor that you can shadow that's even better. This way you can get actual pointers on how to take it to the next level.

Your best bet is to find resources to keep educating yourself to continue to get better. Keep researching, keep reading, and keep learning ways to improve your skills. There is no competition. There is only experience. Most of the time we just have to work hard and get out of our own way. Believe in your talents and abilities. Believe you are capable of all things. You are your competition. Stay in your lane and continue to discover new tools to apply along your journey.

Either way enjoy your current place and take pride in what you have to offer. Be honored that you're in a position to keep learning. There's always someone better than us but there's always someone that can learn from us too. You are living your life on your terms and you determine the quality of your work. You always have something to offer that's uniquely yours that can help you stand out as your own recognizable brand. Be proud of what you've accomplished and even more proud of what's to come!


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