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There is an Imposter Living Inside Your Head

Maybe it's right, maybe you do suck?

By Liam M Published 2 years ago 4 min read
There is an Imposter Living Inside Your Head
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There’s a voice inside your head constantly telling you how much you suck.

The voice says. “Don’t you realise how amazing everyone else is? They’ve got their shit sorted out, not you, though; you suck.”

“You’re worthless”. The voice rings again in your head, you try to ignore it, yet it prevails. Some days this voice resonates so loud, you lose your confidence. The voice grows stronger and stronger every day. When you fail, the voice rings loudest. It knew you were going to fail. It’s always right, after all.

This voice living in your head constantly rips through your dreams. “Why even bother?”, It is an evil spirit that wants to ruin your life. The voice constantly tells you that you’re an imposter. Telling you it’s only a matter of time until people realise you’re lying, that you are a fake.

Naturally, you believe it, believing no one can be as flawed as you are. You view all the competent people around you, completing incredible tasks every, single, day. How did they make it this far in life? They’re doing great, unlike you. Do you honestly think you’ll ever be this good? That little voice whispers in your mind, you try to, but you cannot ignore it.

It reinforces itself every single day in your miserable little life. Highlighting all your flaws; everyone else seems so unique and perfect. Your friends moan about their failures, in your mind, you’re left confused, wondering why they’re complaining. They have no idea about your struggles. They’re doing much better than you ever could. Maybe, they look at your life and think the same of you. Perhaps they are jealous of your achievements.

“What are you thinking? Don’t be stupid. They’re perfect, unlike you.” The voice reminds you. “You are an imposter, they’ll find out you’re lying soon enough.” It’s back to destroy any confidence you had.

Everyone has an imposter in their mind

Just stop and realise everyone has an imposter in their head, they believe they are an imposter, always listening to the voice telling them to stop and give up. You are not alone, everyone has to endure this voice every single damn day of life.

There is an onlooker who is envious of all your achievements. They believe you are better than they could ever be, they think your life is perfect. Unaware of the pain you put yourself through daily. They believe they have to suffer with the voice of an imposter, a voice inside their mind telling them to give up. Everyone is suffering from imposter syndrome, they receive the same message; and they either battle their demons or let them win.

Do not let the voice win

You have to realise the voice cannot win, it tells you it’s easier to stay in bed, don’t finish that stupid article you’ve been writing for weeks.

“No-one will like your writing anyway, you should stop, leave it to the professionals.” It screams in your ear.

Today is different; you’re going to ignore it, you’re going to write regardless of what the voice says. You won’t let it beat you down. Remember, everyone is tormented by their own demons; these demons tell them how worthless they truly are. Some ignore the voice and get to work, others let it win. Those who ignore it work on themselves every day behind closed doors, every day they try and improve their lives.

Yet, you believe you suffer more than them because you live and breathe it. Over time you begin to ignore the voice. Writing down a list of your goals you get to work, every day you force yourself to improve, you still have to battle the voice telling you that you are an imposter. You choose to ignore it.

You work harder and harder, it makes you happier, you wonder why you let the voice win for so long. You ignore the self-deprecating hate the imposter spits at you. It grows angry because you’re ignoring it. This is a part of life, it is a choice whether you believe it or not.

The leap of faith

You ignore it again and again, pushing through to the finish. Taking a leap of faith you humanise any doubt lingering in your mind. You write your article, it’s not quite perfect, but it’s good enough;

”I gave it my best”, you think to yourself.

You really did, you should be proud of yourself, you hit the publish button and walk away. Something has changed deep inside, confidence has grown. This moment fills you with joy and reinforces your faith, a strong belief in your skills.

You realise the voice was wrong all along. Day by day, you learn how to control the voice inside your head, acknowledging its existence. You learn to live with all the thoughts of doubt. It still screams at you regularly.

Yet, you ignore it as you carry on doing the things you love ❤


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Liam M

** I am trash **

Brit living in Germany, living the sober life. I grew up as a trash bag, but now I associate as a human.

Writing about life, sobriety, money and all things in between

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