The Way People Respond in Crisis Matters

Crisis Management

The Way People Respond in Crisis Matters

Everyone is different from another, so their behaviour, moods, priorities and reasons can differ also. In a particular situation, people behave differently because they take this situation according to their thinking style, resolving capability, level of positivity or negativity, experiences, backgrounds and prevailed patterns in their society. It is a rare chance that person can match with another person. For instance, in means of cognition, strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Like, some people behave panic while having troubles, but another can face it calmly and focus on finding ways. Similarly, some are willing to have immediate solutions, but others can be interested in long term solutions. Additionally, some like to resolve the issue in groups, but others can be interested in finding a solution independently. These things vary according to their nature and trust level as well. Here, in this paper, we will discuss how different people behave differently in the same situations. Similarly, Dissertation writing service provider explains diversified strategies to handle conflicts in complex cases.

1. Communication pattern

People can deal with issues after understand the main subject. For this, they have to communicate with other people to know the actual point. Here, people start to choose a different path. First, I am sharing the dealing style of one kind of person who wants to solve the issue. He will gather the data related to the problem to understand the real point. Similarly, he will pay attention to the other relevant components of the problem, which can support his opinion. After that, he will pay attention to realize the after-effects of his decision. Means that, he will focus on every relevant idea, advice, and of course, on the result. He will communicate to the concerned parties to know about their point of view at the conflict. On the other, a person who is short-tempered or is in a panic will deal with the situation in haste. He will not pay attention to collect supportive data for his arguments but wants immediate results. This approach can devastate the scenario, and the person cannot get positive results. This kind of person does not give chance others to raise their perspective of a particular issue. So that he cannot become aware of his self about their concerns. Resultantly, he will not be able to cope with the problem effectively.

2. Design a plan

A person needs to know about the path, on which he is willing to go. Here, we are discussing two kinds of people that how their different approach can take completely different results. First, a person is in a crisis. He will gather the information to create a plan. The plan is necessary because it provides you with a pattern or way. So that person can calculate the risks and opportunities as well. This kind of calculation makes him realize the severity of the issue as well. So that he can take measures accordingly. Moreover, plans provide an organized pattern so that person comes to know that how much task has been achieved or vice versa. On the other hand, the second kind of person is here, who does not like to plan anything before. He likes to take those actions, which he wants to take or consider well without any calculations. In this case, chances of failure are more than success. We are not saying that it could be a complete failure, but it can minimize the effectiveness of the result. Moreover, plans gather long term benefits because a person can cope with the negative aspect already due to data.

3. Control emotions

It is a vital part to cope with any trouble. Those who can master their emotions in the right direction can achieve any worldly thing. How? Let me tell you. Have you ever seen those people who are really intellectual and can solve complex questions in a few minutes, but they cannot solve their emotional issues and have to visit a psychologist? Because they did not work to strengthen their emotional intelligence. Do you know that emotional intelligence is far important than the cognitive one? All politicians are ruling the world because of this quality than scientists. Why? Because of their EQ. Ok, answer me why organizations take different tests and interviews? Of course, to check the dimensions of the candidate. Similarly, while hiring the pay attention to judge the level of their emotional intelligence. Because it is essential for an organization to maintain a professional environment. Here, we are comparing two types of dealing strategies. Firstly, a person who is facing a crisis listens to complete story with a soft smile. He does not want to give an idea to others about his perspective on the concerned issue. Because it can alert others about his future measures. Similarly, he asks diversified questions to different personnel. So that he can get the idea about the initiator. Moreover, he gives a chance to all parties to raise their opinion about the conflict. So that he can find a common solution quickly. Same as this kind of person will ask possible solutions to concerned parties as well. With the help of this strategy, he can get multiple solutions. Now he just has to calculate the consequences of his decision. Contrary to this person, now we highlight the dealing style of the second kind. A person who is not emotionally intelligent can be provoked easily. He is not able to face arguments and opposite views. He will not like to listen to others opinion or get angry quickly. This can devastate the situation.

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