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The Surprising Power of Peer Coaching

by EthiqueAdvisory about a month ago in goals
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Empower your employees to improve their performance by coaching and mentoring one another.

Peer coaching is a powerful tool that can be used in any workplace to help team members succeed. Peer Coaching been called the secret ingredient in all the world's best workplaces. The right team can be a game-changer for your business. Here are the reasons CEOs need to be in a peer group and have an Executive Coach

CEOs need to have access to a coach and a peer group. The right coaching enables you to have a more fulfilling, successful, and balanced life. As stimulating and fulfilling as the role of a CEO is, the privileges, compensation, and status it brings, it is a lonely one.

Being the CEO, you have the added responsibility of defining the way forward for yourself, your company & the team. Good leaders facilitate the success of others around them. Successful leaders are devoted, passionate, sincere, courageous, honest, and dependable. However, in today’s high-pressure environment, with highly dynamic markets of changing technology, workforces and heightened financial and legal scrutiny, leaders need a confidante or mentor to speak to and discuss matters candidly.

No matter how skilled the company leaders, employees, or board members are, they cannot be relied on for an objective, unbiased and 30,000 ft high viewpoint.

While board members can be supportive, most CEOs are reluctant to address their most profound uncertainties with them. Soliciting feedback from those who report to you can get awkward. Furthermore, your subordinates are unlikely to directly disclose the harsh realities or criticise your actions. Other CEOs can lend a helping hand, but there are impediments to absolute transparency and trust.

It’s time to get an Executive Coach.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to seek advice from an impartial third party who has walked in your shoes, isn’t caught up in office politics, and is a genuine intellectual with years of relevant experience?

An executive coach is a seasoned leader with decades of success as a CEO, senior executive, or business owner. An excellent executive coach, also referred to as an “executive mentor,” “CEO coach,” or “Chair,” is one with proper training in counselling others and follows a systematic framework for success.

Reasons to Seek Coaching

1. You are overburdened and on rocky ground

Getting overwhelmed by the daily grind – executive coaching can help you prioritize your work and implement a wise, well-planned long-term strategy to build your firm. Your executive coach will help you stay on track and motivated for accomplishing realistic, strategic goals each month.

2. You feel you’re ‘lonely at the top

As previously mentioned, the role of a business owner or CEO is also one of the loneliest ones. If you feel like you alone have to make all of the decisions, executive coaching is the solution. You are among a community of recognized peers – other local CEOs and company owners – who are all committed to assisting one another in succeeding.

3. You are a high achiever who aspires to break every record.

A great executive coach will help you maintain your eyes on the prize by assisting you in establishing rock-solid, bulletproof approaches. You’ll also be encouraged and inspired by renowned intellectuals and subject matter experts who attend the meetings. After all they do say that good company is like good shoes; they take you to good places.

4. You’re a new CEO or want to turn around the company you’ve joined,

Executive coaching puts you in the realm of those that have been there and done that. You have all of the viewpoints, resources, links, and counseling you need to consistently make smart, well-informed decisions


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