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The Shallow Journey of Self

by Goosey Q. 13 days ago in self help

The reality of self acceptance & Mature Growth

The Shallow Journey of Self

I walk along this shadow of self. Searching for the truth within myself. I look to find any proof of existence. Proof for myself to be. Guiding others is what’s my power is. To change negatives to a positive. Like a magnet that only connects to its opposite, I never see the palatine of itself.

Whether it’s goals or simply the time to relax & regroup. Setting foundations for yourself to fall back on when things get tough helps to ease the mind. There’s always someone there when the curtains are closed but knowing the safety & comfort in yourself is a process that begins with you.

Always showing others the goods in things, a magnet repels its adjacent. The power of love and kindness runs deep with more fuel than a tank of gas. So many unhealthy experiences with so many ways to forget. Forget what you have become & what you went through. From the joys of the first time, to the pain of loss. Instead of blaming ourselves for what we went through & how we feel, forgiveness helps us to release things like guilt & sorrow.

Forgiveness becomes your strength. Forgiving yourself and others helps to accept what is & what has already been done. We can’t go back in time to change things but we can only accept that they happened for a reason. To make us learn things in ways only we can understand them. Forgiving others is to forgive yourself. Forgiving someone is understanding how they made you feel from what has been done & letting that go. Without debts or commitments.

Pain makes us stronger. It allows us to feel. It forces us to learn. Pain builds our walls and thickens our skin. We become stronger & valiant thus becoming less susceptible to the dark accolades of life. Pain helps to build character, but too much pain can make us numb. We become present, we learn, grieve, mourn & become stronger.

Allow yourself the permission to feel. Allow yourself to be silly, a goof. Be angry, be stressed by fustrated but don’t let it consume who you are. It’s natural to feel so by preventing yourself to be anything else for anyone else is a robbery of your character progression. You feel, you grow, experience & after you digest you move on.

Holding on to your emotion during times that you need them only leads to holding yourself back from things when they count. Holding yourself back discredits who you are meant to be in the moment of growth and experience.

I travel to the world anew. Finally with knowledge of who and what I am. Ready to conquer and ready to build what will soon become my utopia. With positivity and peace guiding me through, I shelter and bide time for when the pieces all fall together and my caching can bloom into the butterfly.

To find joy is to find oneself. moments that you hold deep & the memories that you relive for relief. Forgive yourself and forgive your past. There’s nothing you can do to change what’s been done. Forgetting doesn’t erase but just builds until it bursts. Learn to accept and learn. Cope & forgive. Then blow it away & proceed. Journey to self while enjoying the ride. It’s not the end result but the journey & the people we have touched along the way. Along with the occasional group of like minded people to build you up & bask in each other’s company of course.

Hardships, pain & struggle will never foster but it will not hold me back this time around. I will stand stronger the times before & live with my head held high. Towards my future of peace. Thou shall not let peace be found when I am not capable to enjoy it fully. Enjoy every moment & be present for moments that aren’t, & watch as you become who you are meant to be.

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Goosey Q.
Goosey Q.
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