The Romance of a Routine

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Post Pandemic Plans

The Romance of a Routine
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I think I speak for all of us when I say that we quickly realised how we take certain things for granted, after the entire world went into a protective state of quarantine. This experience has been very eye-opening and needless to say, there are so many things that I am looking forward to doing again.

As much as there are a thousand things I would like to do, I’d be lying if I said this situation hasn’t made me cautious. The events have been very traumatic for many and I think that even after we are officially allowed to do certain things again, I will be avoiding social gatherings for a while.

Thoughts of regret have definitely crossed my mind. Maybe I shouldn't have cancelled last time I was supposed to go out, maybe I should have squatted heavier at the gym last time I went. When things fall back into place, I surely will take this experience as a lesson in cherishing the moments with people you love, of fun and enjoyment. As we have all seen, nothing is definite and one day, it could all disappear.

But much more than the parties, the restaurants and the holidays, I really miss the simple things from my old daily life. Watching the world as I am sitting on the train to work, strolling through the shops and alleys, grabbing a coffee or a snack somewhere. I know it’s not good for me, but I just love food on the go.

In the past I have had some very bad jobs, but I have been blessed with what you could call my dream job. I never had known the feeling I now know, of feeling motivated to go to work and feeling enlightened everyday. As much as I love it, there are some days when it’s difficult to get up and get out of the house.

But not this time. Because on the day that I can go back to work I am waking up full of energy and excitement, maybe even a little earlier than usual, and I am doing my makeup at home! (I normally do a quick makeup on the train - if anything). I am putting my hair back, even with gel, today I don’t want any flyaway hairs. I had bought a skirt just before the lockdown, which I was never able to wear. But today I will baptise it.

When I was growing up, for very special occasions my mother would buy me a new piece of clothing, well in advance. I would look forward to the event, getting ready and wearing my new clothes. And today, my special occasion is going back to work.

Wearing a self-made mask and from a safe distance, I will tell my colleagues how much I appreciate them. Because sometimes you get caught up in your routine, but this experience has demonstrated how much these elements of my daily life mean to me. I feel so fortunate to have a job to go back to. So when I get back, I will listen to my co-workers stories, because I really am interested in hearing how they have been.

For lunch I will eat whatever I feel like. I might have a light salad, I might have an extra large Tofu Curry. No one knows, but I will definitely eat exactly what I feel like.

I am from London and if you have ever been here, you can confirm that the city is truly breathtaking. The highly modern and futuristic buildings, side by side of historical monuments and ancient architecture make this unique skyline that you simply can’t get tired of looking at.

So when I finish work, I will go for the longest walk. I don’t care if its raining. And I will admire the beauty of my city. I'm sure it will feel different. London is always buzzing, full of tourists and movement. I’m sure things will be calmer today, but that's because the world is recovering and needs to take it slowly. I am very understanding of that.

I am not in a rush to leave my house. The experience has been far more pleasant than I could have ever imagined. I was able to dedicate some time to doing new things, for example signing up on Vocal and publishing stories. I have been able to sit myself down and gain some clarity about my goals and values. Unlike I thought at the beginning of the lockdown, I am honestly in no rush to get out again. But when the time comes, I will enjoy it to the maximum.

If this pandemic has proven one thing it is how important human exchange is. Be kind to each other, even once normality sets in and we no longer remember how lonely we might have felt. Take the best version of yourself out the door.

Thank you very much for reading my story. I hope that you have something to look forward to, once the world feels calmer. I am so grateful for your support. With Love, Gabriella.

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