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The Rollercoaster of Life

by Goosey Q. about a year ago in healing
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The Ups and Downs of life and its struggles

The Rollercoaster of Life
Photo by Matt Bowden on Unsplash

Up and down the rollercoaster goes. The fun continues until the stomach starts to set in. Had something before to keep me on top but slight triggers took hold tonight. Settling in to something comfortable and enjoy the ride through. Now with the trigger you can’t help but fall under. Like the scent of a cigarette that passes by, a moment takes over your being and you fall into the darkness of despair.

The theme park is filled with people looking for the same thing. A good time and fun experiences with the people they are with. With food and side attractions to keep you energized and fuel up, there’s no reason to stop so early when you have just begun.

By Matt Bowden on Unsplash

Like in life you enter as you are and approach things like you would rollercoasters, cautious and nervous with a hint of scared. For the most part some people are actually thrilled and ready to conquer the ride by storm. whatever the reason, it will hover around you, surround you maybe with its existence and until you wait that long line that sometimes takes forever to get to, you experience what either may seem to be something that has been not so bad all along or simply something. that you can learn from.

By Ilnur Kalimullin on Unsplash

Sometimes rollercoasters are not even given the chance and we let those fears take the better of us. We acknowledge that it exists and we do nothing about it. Some of us just find contentment in the little things that will bring us comfort and gratification of joy that we can find. We stay dormant and familiarize ourselves with the layout of the place not just for security purposes but to find the best route for the places that hasn’t been explored yet. You optimize time to fit everything you want to do while leaving time to catch your breath.

By Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Most likely you have the opportunity to capitalize on all the attractions while leaving room for some rest and relaxation. But for those where rollercoasters isn’t something we enjoy doing, our minds has a habit of putting us through what feels like an endless loop of constant battles and struggles. To put things into reality, life is like an endless rollercoaster because you go through hardships and battle after battle trying to keep calm while not throwing up at the same time. Remember each rollercoaster is different and a lot of them feels similar or even looks the same. Others will ride the same ride as you but you are going through it on your own on the same kart like everyone else.

By Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The truth is, rollercoasters can be a fun time once all those fears and anxiety goes away. All these mental blocks or painful struggles that one goes through on a daily is left in the dust because what you are left with is the here and the now. No time to second guess or say what if. Once you’re strapped in (which by the way is the safety that guarantees that you will be ok during and by the end of it physically at least) right before your mind wonders into the dark pit of depression and other mental stabilities, the ride starts and you’re thrusted into the experience. Unable to make a regretful decision or make way to choices that leads to bad outcomes.

By Natalie Runnerstrom on Unsplash

The ride is definitely bumping and there will be a lot of twists and turns. If you gathered too much substances before the ride, you may be subject to regurgitation but that is normal because when you go through the experience head on, all is left behind. You are exposed to the experience and at its core going through a raw and bare reaction. With no backseat help, no second guessing. It’s just you and the road ahead. you may be left frightened and there maybe some stretching that needs to take place after the fact, but once you go through it, you are much more better from it. Some may ride again for the rush and feel and some may not. Ultimately, your subconscious and instance is your driving force to happiness so don’t be scared for the rollercoasters, at least not for too long because once you ride those troubles away, you will see that they never existed anyway.


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