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The Reason Why I Am Going to Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day

by IRIS B STEHN about a month ago in goals
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How I set goals for myself

The Reason Why I Am Going to Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day
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This article is not only about "The Reason Why I Am Going to Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day! but also about setting goals in general. I realized that too many goals at a time are not working for me. I'm distracted.

I can't focus on the most important things. That's why I decided to focus only on the most important goals. I thought about those a lot. Then I came to the conclusion, that two goals at a time are perfect for me.


I read some time ago that you should walk 10,000 steps per day. I read up further. I also read that another recommendation is only 6,000 steps. These 6,000 steps are also preset in my app on my Android phone.

Nevertheless, I decided to set my daily goal at 10,000 steps. The reason is simple: 10,000 steps and 6,000 steps are only recommendations.

I have to see what fits for me. I have managed almost every day for a few months the 6,000 steps.

My favorite person even walks 16,000 every day. Respect for that!

I noticed that the more I move, the better I feel. The longer I walk and the more regularly I do it, the better I feel.

Since the 6,000 steps per day have served me well in the long run, I have decided to expand this.

Therefore, my current goal is 10,000 steps per day. Currently, I only manage that on about three days a week. I am now increasing this. Until I have reached the 10,000.

Get up and walk

Exercise has many benefits in combination with nutrition. It can have a lasting positive influence on the body and mind.

I have so many plans in life. Many dreams and many goals. My interests are diverse. But since I know that too many goals at once are not good, I have to prioritize.

What I have learned: if you take on too much at once, it can be overwhelming. In the worst case, you don't reach any of your goals.

My advice: one step at a time (pun intended). 🚶‍♀️

My additional goal

In addition to my health goal, I have decided on a creative goal: writing.

Of course, I also paint sometimes or do other creative things. But not regularly, not daily.

My two goals are:

  1. walking 10,000 steps a day (health goal)
  2. writing (creative goal)

These are my two main private goals. Of course, I also have professional goals. But I'll leave those out for now.

A goal I already accomplished

One goal I have realized is learning languages on a daily basis. This is a goal I set for myself many years ago.

picture created with Canva by Iris B. Stehn with a picture from Shad0wfall from Pixabay

I learn at least one new lesson a day in my language app and repeat an old one. I am already learning my fourth foreign language.

What matters to me is that I can communicate at least fundamentally in these foreign languages. I also speak one or rather two of them fluently.

I love learning languages and always want to improve my skills. Lifelong learning.

I don't see this as a "current creative goal". Since I already fulfill this goal by learning every day. It became a habit. It is integrated into my everyday life.

How I want to improve my writing

I want to publish 3–5 articles on Medium every week. I set this goal to develop a routine.

By writing in English, I am also improving my English. I know that my grammar still needs improvement.

The writing and the 10,000 steps will also become a habit at some point. Then I set myself new goals.

❔ What goals have you set for yourself at the moment? ❔


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