The Power of Inspiration

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How to find inspiration in a not so inspired world

The Power of Inspiration

The art of inspiration isn’t always easy to come by. Inspiration can come from unknown places. From nature to watching something, in reality, can light the smallest spark. Sitting while staring at the monitor in hopes of inspiration strikes just to trigger thoughts & past experiences is like trying to remember what you ate last month at the restaurant you last visited.

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do something creative. Creativity doesn’t happen all the time. It sometimes requires a small spark to ignite the flame. Inspiration helps bring our ideas to life & manifests pieces of art in which to show our expression. The possibility to expand the thoughts & feelings onto a page or canvas becomes a form of self-confidence in away. It blooms life while propelling a stream of art & peace.

Different things inspire each & every one of us in different ways. We have gravitated towards various things that help motivate us to be productive. The funny thing about inspiration is that it is all around us. Whenever needed, we just need to look around—sometimes looking at things from a different perspective or in a way that you're not familiar with. When unable to find inspiration, something like watching your favorite movie or listening to that song that has been stuck in your head can be enough to jog inspiration. 

Inspiration isn't negative at all. It's more of a burst of energy that fuels the mind to create & manifest something. Whatever the piece depends on the person (or people) who created it. Inspiration helps to awaken new possibilities within ourselves to learn & grow while at the same push our boundaries of who we are. Challenging our limitations, we develop & breakthrough habits to create something new or old.

People in media & figureheads can also inspire & bring motivation for creativity. The way they live their lives or how they bring about positivity & change can promote inspiration. A veterinarian who's an activist can inspire someone to be a vet or manifest positive change for animals. A musician can encourage a teen to come out to their family partly due to the lyrics & connections that have been built with their music. The art of inspiration can not just convince but bring about a wave of joy & dedication to what can become someone's future (or current) career.

The history of inspiration has been known to be more supernatural because, based on research, motivation can be activated, captured & manipulated. The more open you are to new experiences, the more likely inspiration will manifest for you. When you block yourself off to things, you limit the possibilities of things happening, but once that changes, opportunity & inspiration strikes. When in an inspired state, feelings of negativity & doubt are droned out giving the way to creativity. 

Inspiration comes from various avenues. Even from adverse events. Whether it's being isolated from people or stuck in a routine where everything feels the same, inspiration can strike & something positive & uplifting will come from it. It's important to know that we are all here coexisting to make the world better for us to live in.

In the darkest of times or the highest of positive vibes, inspiration guides us to do amazing things. The power of motivation is a powerful thing. It pushes us to create, learn & evolve. It allows us the opportunity to develop change while giving that burst of positivity. In times of stress of unknown outcomes, remember that inspiration can rise & provide just what we need to find peace & joy.

Goosey Q.
Goosey Q.
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