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The Positivity of Cats of Vocal and Himalayan Salt Lamps

Prioritise Things Into Your Life That Soothe Your Soul And Raise Your Spirits

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Cats and Himalayan Salt Lamps

This may seem the oddest of combinations for a Vocal story, but there are many things in life that can give us an unexpected lift.

I am not a cat person, not even a pet or a child person or maybe even a person person, but am generally fine if I can give them back to their owners.

Not so sure how to structure this so here goes.

The Positive Benefits Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Lots of friends have these and say they are beneficial. I am doing zero research on this so that this is only my personal opinion of the benefits.

I have seen various things about problems with Himalayan Salt Lamps but it’s mostly about faulty wiring, and the sheer weight of them that could severely damage you if one fell on your foot. When I got mine, it had an incandescent bulb and Amazon recommended an LED replacement which was actually too big for the lamp.

I managed to find one that was small enough although the switch seemed a little awkward but finally got it on.

One of the reasons I like it is just the look of it, especially later on, there is a lovely glow and you can see what it looks like here. I have heard talk of negative ions and things but while I have one my creativity and productivity seems to improve dramatically. It is on now and I am able to write this about a thing that I just feel that it benefits me.

I have read that Himalayan Salt Lamps can benefit cats and harp cats so check out before you give one to your cat.

The Positive Benefits Of Meeting The Cats Of Vocal

Part of my general regime is walking. I hate gyms and any form of regimented exercise, I do enjoy walking around my area, and on that, especially when it gets lighter, I often see and meet a lot of cats. My friend thought that some of the cats were abandoned and was really worried for them, but I explained that round here cats have the run of the neighbourhoods.

Some of the cats I see are very photogenic, some seem to like posing, others seem to be very shy and run away.

This morning I saw about five cats and they really did significantly raise my spirits. I photograph them and sometimes take video and then share on Instagram with the #CatsInNam hashtag. That is shared with Twitter and Facebook on my personal timeline.

I know many people who’s pets give them succour and raise their spirits making them feel better. Although cats are generally independent and dogs are more loving to their owners both really benefit their owners.

Just repeating that seeing the cats on my morning walks really does raise my spirits and I am lucky to be in an area where cats do have the free run of the neighbourhoods.

Concluding The Benefits of Meeting Cats In Nam and Himalayan Salt Lamps

Essentially we need to find things that lift our spirits and make our life better. This can be anything, I have listed a few things.

Reading, Music and seeing and talking with friends makes my life better, and you must take the things to heart that make your life better. That will lift your spirits for certain.

I am going to share “The Love Cats” by The Cure as it is a fun song and I am sure that it will make you all feel a little happier.


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  • Stephanie J. Bradberry2 years ago

    You had me at Cats and Himalayan salt lamp. I love both (even if you don't)!

  • Lisa Pearlman2 years ago

    I used to love The Cure! Brought back memories of my highschool and college days, the late 80's. I used to have a poster I made hanging above my bed that said "I've waited hours for this, I've made myself so sick, I wish I'd stated asleep today." Lyrics from The Cure (I forget which song but I can hear it in my head now.) I think it was the one "Go on, go on, and walk away, go on, go on your choice is made"... In Between Days?? Is that the name? Anyway, great story. Maybe I should get a lamp for my cat? 😻

  • Tracy Willis2 years ago

    Ummmm….are you sure you’re not a cat person? I used to not be, too and then I was handed one in a shoebox on Mother’s Day and it was all over lol. Love reading your stories ❤️ Love the

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