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The Other Side of the Table

A Psychic's Perspective on Readings

By Jean SumrallPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
A sample reading

I’ve just finished a three-day psychic faire. My mind and body are still buzzing from all the energy that cycled through all the channelings over the weekend. It was the first faire I had done since covid set in and kept us all at home and apart from the general public. It was such a blessing for myself and all the people that I read for after so long a time of not being able to do these readings in person.

I loved every minute of it! It is my passion, my calling and my personal talent and contribution in service to the collective population. This ability is a relatively recent development for me, although I have a feeling that is has been with me all through my life yet remained dormant until the time for it to reveal itself was right. And the timing is perfect as many people are seeking clarity and guidance in their lives now as we go through so much chaos on our planet.

Nine times out of ten, the information that comes through is spot on and highly relevant to the person I am reading for. The clients that come to me for readings are wanting to know about the direction of their life, work, relationships, their own psychic abilities, twin flames, loved ones who have passed over, voices they hear with no one being physically present, feeling or sensing someone there, the visions they “see” with an inner eye and so much more. The reasons are as varied as they are, all ages, mostly women with a few men, all races, belief systems and emotions.

I receive the information, that I have begun to call ‘downloads’, mostly as a knowing that it is right and meant for the person across the table from me. I use a variety of oracle card decks in each reading, and they allow me to access the knowledge that my intuition brings forth. I feel the cards act as prompts to reveal just the right keywords to assist the client in understanding what they are wanting to know.

With the introduction of covid into our lives, more and more people are wanting to know about loved ones who have passed over. They desire to know if they are all right, if they come around in the physical plane and try to communicate with their loved ones they left behind. They want to know if the voice that woke them up in the middle of the night calling out their name was just their imagination or a loved one trying to communicate with them. I can let them know that I too, have experienced this phenomena and feel that it definitely is a loved one trying to communicate.

During a reading, if the person on the other side desires to be noticed, I sense their energy, usually behind the client. Many times, the client feels it also and I am able to confirm what they are feeling. This brings great relief to the client, who wonders about their loved one who had passed over. There are many people leaving the planet now during this great time of upheaval. Many people are missing and mourning the loss of their loved ones. It feels good to bring some comfort into their hearts.

Another aspect of the readings I do, is to share the wisdom I have garnered over many years of walking this planet. These snippets of insight brought forth from my wide-ranging life experience are filled with intelligent answers for the client. My life lessons are filled with the teachings I have learned through mastering them. I am able to inform someone how to discern if a choice or decision is the right one by how they feel in their body. I offer support in working through life challenges with the methods I have used to overcome my own. This assistance does not come through from my ego trying to assert itself but from the inner guidance I receive as I am giving a reading to someone.

I use a variety of oracle card decks in every reading. I have one in particular that I begin each reading with as it lays down a good foundation for the rest of the cards in the reading. The cards that come out in a reading often amaze me as much as they do the client. Because I shuffle each deck right in front of the person, there is not a doubt that each card that comes up is the right one for that person. The cards that come out after the foundation row clarify and begin to tell the story within the reading. I always finish with the same deck as the information and wisdom that come out at the end if always, always perfect.

I am blessed to be able to bring forth so much clarity and guidance for people who are seeking answers and comfort. My heart is full from these experiences of sharing information with people who come to sit on the other side of my table.


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Jean Sumrall

I have led an amazing life with many varied interests including loving road trips, being a professional belly dancer, hand carving selenite, providing wise woman advice and intuitive readings for current problems. I love my life. Do you?

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