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The New Roaring 20’s

by Jennifer Pike 14 days ago in goals

First thoughts looking to the new year

The New Roaring 20’s

Note: This was originally written December 31, 2019 in pre-covid times

We’re back for 2020! Seems fitting to me that we are into what I am calling The New Roaring 20’s especially for a blog that celebrates The New Midlife. For those who are new to the blog, we primarily focus on what middle age looks like now vs when our parents were turning 40. It’s a new and improved midlife with youthfulness and style brought to you by the one time so-called slackers.

Remember: We are not our mother’s middle age

I’ve been saying this for years now. As the generation that never wanted to grow up, we are certainly not old. Our time has far from run out. We have a lot of life yet and can do with it whatever we want. Just a quick look at my own Facebook newsfeed proves that to me every day. By taking better care of themselves they look younger and they seem to still be involved in some youthful activities.

People I have known since college (and some even longer) are always posting about new experiences. Hard-core partiers from back in the day are settling down to have kids. Strait-laced, bookish types are sending their grown kids off to college and beginning new lives of their own. They’re seeing the concerts they missed when home with newborns. They are traveling the world. Some are getting into cross-fit or marathons and look the best they have in their entire life – and NOT just “for their age”. They look hot! Those who had corporate jobs are quitting to become artists and vice versa. The Mid-40’s Flip is what I like to call it and I find it fascinating.

Think about it. Barring disease, accidents or self-destructive behavior, we are likely to live just as many years (if not more) as we have so far. We still have our minds and, apart from random aches and pains and a desire to go to bed at the hour we used to go out at night, we’re still able bodied. We can accomplish just as much (if not more) during the second half of the game as we did in the first. Not sure of a game plan? There are many career counsellors out there that now specialize in midlife transitions. A clean slate can be ours.

Do we have worries? Aches and pains? Not enough savings for retirement or not ready to retire at all? The dreaded midlife spread? Of course! These are some of the topics that I, and my fellow Gen X friends, intend to explore going forward.

Now and Then

When I created this blog 3 years ago I wasn’t sure exactly how it should go. I knew I wanted to share stories from my own life and experiences and hoped to create something that would be entertaining yet relatable. Initially I thought the stories would come solely from what I call my Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. (Even before the movie.)

Somewhere along the way, fickle creature that I am, I lost interest in only writing about the past. I found myself focusing on what was happening to me in the present. Horror of horrors, I had become middle aged. Once I got over the initial shock of turning 40 (around 42), I began to find the fact somewhat amusing. I mean, I do complain often that I miss my flat stomach and 20/30-something body. Even so I laughed when the dryer shrunk all of my clothes but none of my husband’s. 6 years later I laughed even harder when Ben turned 40 and his clothes began to “shrink in the dryer”. I guess skipping the gym for Netflix binges and pub nights will do that to you.

But what else happens now that I am not the youngest girl in the room anymore? What happens when I am – gasp – the adult? Answering that question has become of great interest to me. Thus the journey of finding myself as a midlifer has become a focus on my blog. In the past year, I have met many like-minded people on Instagram as well as in real life. They all have interesting stories that have led them to where they are now, experience from which we can learn. I realized that this blog was more than me. The unique journey of Generation X at midlife is something many of us share.

Into the New Roaring 20’s like…

Looking ahead, my plan is to include more guest bloggers. Some will have a good story to share. Some will be experts in fields such as food & health, beauty and even finance for the midlife chic. While I hope to write more amusing anecdotes of then and now, they will be sharing things from which we all can learn.

PS: Millennials you are next!

Just putting it out there – Millennials are beginning to turn 40. As my favorite character on Sex and the City would say, “honey, welcome to my box.”

Jennifer Pike
Jennifer Pike
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Jennifer Pike

I am a Gen X woman now finding my way through midlife. Fortunately, Gen X has redefined what that means. Here I will share my nostalgia for the past, my experiences in present time and my perspective on it all.

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