The New Earth

by Mireya Bailey 3 months ago in goals

Co-creating our New Reality

As this world (literally 😬) goes up in flames, the New Holographic Earth Reality is awakening in our DNA. Earth is not so much a place as it is an incredible 3D virtual reality that souls can access via their flesh and blood avatars!

During the long “dreaming” spoken of in many myths, we shut down our ability to consistently access Avalon/Shambhala/Tir Na Nog/The Garden, aka Heaven on Earth, and go for an adventure into the “dark side” of life.

This is the “Great Winter”, or “Great Sleep” spoken of in many stories.

When we have thoroughly explored our own shadow, and via it our light, and had many adventures and experiences, our longing to return to our true home causes us to set out collectively on our homeward journey. (The best part of the story imho 😉)

As we do so the reality we are living in - the world we have created - literally DIES, and a new one is born. (And there’s always an epic battle 😉 ⚔️).

There is no way to “save” the old reality. All things have their time.

However, as this reality dies the New One is born! The next version of “Holographic Earth” if you will is awakened from within our DNA (the perceived is not seperate from the thing being perceived - our reality - earth - exists INSIDE US!) and we STEP INTO THE NEW VERSION.

We “come home”, we “awaken”, and the Great Season shifts from Winter 🥶 back to Spring 🌱🌞

We remember this new place, for it is the reality we left all those thousands of years ago! It is our true home; our true state of being.

We spend a long “time” (time is different in this new place) here, thoroughly enjoying ourselves and living in bliss, and then when we get bored we eventually set off on our adventure all over again! (We never learn 😅).

I’m reminding you of all this because now, at this rather scary and exciting junction in the story when one world is dying, it is good to remember what happens next 😉. Don’t get too caught up in the death of this world. When we resist things, the RESISTANCE makes it painful.

Instead, I would encourage you all to “focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” (Dan Millman). As we focus on the world we WANT to CREATE we manifest it!!

Keep thinking, speaking, reading about, watching videos on, praying for, and creating the kind of world YOU WANT TO LIVE IN. Start FOLLOWING YOUR CALLING.

We are co-creating heaven on earth. What is your role within that project? What is your unique one-of-a-kind contribution? You are much needed at this time!


Mireya Bailey


We got this 💥

Mireya Bailey
Mireya Bailey
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