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by jaquez makel 4 years ago in goals
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Ain't nobody got you like you got you!

Starlito - "Do What I Gotta Do"

In all honesty, the girls, the parties, & the friends aren't going anywhere. Find YOUR PURPOSE AND GET ON YOUR GRIND. I say this because I've been a victim of trying to please everybody instead of pleasing myself. Through developing these habits, I've figured out that not only are you getting your life together but women tend to dig this type of stuff. I had to learn from this thing called "The Disease Of More" that I heard from world renowned rapper J Cole. I would tend to place importance on materialistic things such as having the latest fashion, having a lot of cars, or simply having a high abundance of women in my life. This eventually made me unhappy and I'm committed to change.

For a while now, I've stopped socializing and being friendly with everyone in order to get my life together. I like to feel as if I'm a motivational type of person and I like motivating other people, but too much motivation towards other people made me lose sight of who really needed that motivation and that person was me. I'm dedicating my life towards getting mine first then worrying about everybody else. Truth be told, to me the world we live in is cold. I don't know who to trust so I don't give them too much. We are going to come across people who wanna see us win and some who wanna see us lose. That's just life.

Take care of the people you love but also take care of yourself. I'm not trying to tell you to approach this exactly the same as me but if it takes giving up friendships and forming new ones, then do what is best for you. Someone could be a friend today and they could easily end up being your worst enemy tomorrow. Practically and strategically, I'm learning the concept of what it means to be REAL and what it means to be LOYAL. This is easier said than done, so it takes time. All progression isn't the same for everyone. I wanna be a contributing voice in making the world a better place and helping people who are in need. BEFORE YOU SUCCEED, EVERYONE WILL NOT BE ON YOUR SIDE. KEEP GRINDING AND SEEK RESPECT THROUGH YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS.




Do what you got to do. Self made feels a whole lot better than having handouts and having things spoon fed to you. We all come from different walks of life, ranging from vastly different and distinct opportunities. Some may be born into family heirlooms and some may be living in poverty stricken environments where their resources are limited. Regardless of where we come from, we all have the chance to at least try to make something of ourselves. Through bettering ourselves, we can provide for our loved ones and provide them with new and better opportunities.

The choices we make as individuals not only affect us but they also affect the people around us. I know that sometimes you may have to do things you don't want to but you have to in order to provide for those that you love. Before you hit that lick or start selling those drugs, think about why you're doing it and who could be affected by some of your actions.

The five people we hang around the most normally end up being the people who we adapt actions and slang from. Your group of friends should always keep it 100 with you. Those who talk reckless to you but good for you towards others are the people we need in our lives and they're hard to find. Loyalty is a must when it comes to any kind of relationship. Loyalty is also hard to come by.


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