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The Importance of Morning and Evening Routines

by QueenoftheKeys 11 months ago in self help

5 Ways to Take Back Your Time, #EvenInAPandemic

The Importance of Morning and Evening Routines
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The Importance of Morning and Evening Routines

So…how are you fairing in Quarantine? I can imagine if you have been like me, well, you’re probably about tapped out from a not-so-clean home, your kids, and your work (if you’re working right now). Needless to say, this unusual time has brought about quite a bit of uncertainty in my life, as I’m sure it has for you, too. Our music school (Journey Music Academy) is 100% online, my kids are homeschooling (officially switched to homeschooling back in March — shout out to all of the homeschool parents out there — you rock!), and it seems like heading to the grocery store has leveled up on the “bucket list of daring things to do before I die.”

The good news is, that, even in the midst of unusual times, we can still control our response to these times. Is it easier said than done? Absolutely. But is it possible? Absolutely.

One of the ways you can start to take control of the chaos in your life is to create a routine. Routines serve as a ritualistic way to prioritize the most important things in your life.

What if I told you that you could make time for the most important things in your life, without sacrificing the adventure that the lack of structure [may] be offering you? Guess what? It’s possible. But not without your commitment.

Here’s how to take back your life, #eveninapandemic.

1. Write down tasks that you need to do every day.

This definitely includes the hygienic duties, including showering and brushing your teeth. But it can also include those perceived needs, like coffee. Don’t get too crazy here, though.

2. Write down tasks that you want to do every day.

Here’s where we get productive. This includes that morning run you’ve been putting off, that space you need to journal and pray that you haven’t given yourself, or even the chores you “didn’t get a chance” to do. Remember, self-care ain’t always pleasurable, but it’s always necessary.

3. Beside each task, label its level of importance.

Obviously, you may find that your needs are marked a higher priority than the wants. Totally fine, totally cool. The goal is to show yourself what means the most to you. We always want to do a lot of things, but seeing where they lie in order of importance gives us invaluable perspective on what needs to happen. Keep in mind, we aren’t ordering these tasks compared to how important they are to each other, but rather how important they are in general.

Label tasks that must be done with a 1.

Tasks that are very important to get done, but aren’t vital, get a 2.

And lastly, tasks that you would like to do, but aren’t important, get a 3.

4. Now, label whether you’ll do it as a part of your morning or evening routine.

Some things will be doubled - like brushing teeth, or showering. Other’s would be more obvious, like coffee and morning biking. Ultimately, you get to decide when each of these tasks are accomplished, how they’re accomplished, and how often they’re done.

See how easy that was? Ah, but the work is just beginning!

Pro Tips

Commit to a time that your morning and evening routines will start. I know that your schedule may be irregular, or you may need to play with your routine to get it perfect, but setting a cut on time for the day, and a cut off time for the evening time helps to develop that foundational structure you’re looking for to get through your day.

Even if you mess up, stick to it. I first learned from a popular YouTuber and influencer Matt D’Avella about the “Two Day Rule”. Basically, don’t go more than two days in a row without following your routines. It definitely takes time to develop a habit. Strive for every day, but if you can’t make them all, then don’t miss them all. Remember, this is for you. Not for someone else.

Use technology to help you. I always tell everyone that I have two assistants — Alexa, and Siri. They both are able to keep me straight by doing briefings, managing my to do list and reminders, and other handy knacks that keep me on track with my day.

Remember that this is about you, not about other people. It’s easy to fall into a trap of comparison. At the end of the day, our morning and evening routines are about focusing on what is most important for you. The goal of a routine is to nurture yourself, not to enslave yourself to an obligation. Enjoy the mindfulness of taking care of yourself. You’re worth it.

Love ya’ll. Stay home. Until next time. xx


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