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A young village girl's dream to see the world outside despite of numerous challenges.

By Aditya vermaPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

The moon was starting to fade away but its light, after being reflected by every molecule of the crystal-clear river water, lit up the shore. Little glimmers of red light could be seen as it was the time of dawn. As the cool breeze was blowing it gently lifted up the girl's hair as she watched the boatman paddling across the river. She has always been there, far away from the fast, busy and buzzing city life. That small village was her paradise her world. Those mountains had limited her view but not her heart.

She had lost her mother at a tender age of 5 and was raised by the men in her house. Her father was a farmer so was her brother. They had a small land on which they cultivated enough to meet their demand and sell the remaining. Being farmers, they didn’t have to go out of village as the necessary material was available there. So, she never got a chance to go out of her village. She had watched several boatmen, cross the river and mountains to reach the glamorous and bustling city to gather essential supplies, but never she dared to step into the boat and make the journey.

The village was a small one. It had one small clinic, a post office, a small school and a few shops. The city was a long way from the village. One had to first cross the river then cross the mountains and then five miles of road through the forest to reach there. In all it took one full day to go to and return. Young men of the village were assigned to do this job. They used to take a list of required material and would leave early at dawn in order to reach the city at time. The women were generally helping in the household matters or sometimes in the farms or doing other odd jobs. The boys used to play in the muddy river all day long while the girls generally found peace in hopscotch.

Growing up devoid of mother influence she got along well with her father and older brother and used to help in farm. Her father taught her everything he could including cooking. She had always been a quick learner and was emotionally and mentally strong. Her mother death didn’t affect her negatively, instead she used to spend her time making wood dolls a skill she got naturally.

Since the village was not connected by any roads very few tourists mostly wildlife experts used to come there. Most young men went to work in cities and used to send the money by postcard. The women however stayed in the village looking after the families and doing odd jobs. But the girl was different she didn’t want to be like others. She dreamt of being in the city to make not only her but her family’s life more comfortable. No other women had ever gone to city not because they didn’t have courage or were not allowed but because they didn’t know what would they do in the big city. The had received only basic education and didn’t have the skills to go work in the city. The girl frequently used to come to see the boatman leave to the city and watch them come back in the evening.

When her father became ill, she along with her brother worked all day in the field and then also took care of her father. The family was not only struggling financially but also mentally. One early morning as the boatman was getting ready to leave the girl came and gave him some wooden dolls that she had been making since her childhood and asked him to try and sell those. She knew that she was not properly educated that’s why selling dolls was the only way of earning some the evening she went to river to see whether any dolls were sold but to her disappointment only one doll was sold out of dozen she gave but nevertheless she took that as a start. Even after her father died, she didn’t lose any courage or was heartbroken rather she worked all day long in the field, making dolls taking care of her brother and herself.

wooden dolls

From then every time a boat would leave, she would give the boatman few dolls and used to stand there watching as the boat gradually crossed the river hoping that when the boat returns, she has some money in her hands. Every time when the boat would return, she would be disappointed with the sales but consoled herself by believing tomorrow could be better. She stood on the river shore believing one day she will have enough money to make her and her brother’s life more comfortable. One day she will have enough money to go to the city and see the world. She stood on the shore waiting hoping praying for a better future to come.


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Aditya verma

Recently graduated from teenager to adult. Still coming to terms with responsibilities independent stuff... Just going where life takes me while exploring myself which has led me to here.

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