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Many years later this eventually evolved into my current, career as Director of Search Engine Optimization for several web design and development companies.

Domain Names

Years ago I became interested in how you find a website on the Internet. Sounded simple enough at the time. Many years later this eventually evolved into my current, retirement ending, career as Director of Search Engine Optimization for several web design and development companies. I now ply my new trade as an SEO consultant.

Those Cwazy Robots

In the beginning, more than 10 years ago, it seemed to me that people searching for things on the Internet would use common search words as in everyday natural speech.

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Why would anyone search using anything else? How would the search engine robots understand you, if you did not speak their language? I did not know spiders could speak anything, except how we all talk.

Well, maybe there is a secret language that only robots and their masters know. I’m getting a headache, how about you?

Blue Colored Widgets

Anyway, with that premise, I started studying search engine optimization (SEO) and how the search results came about. It stands to reason, if you are looking for a ”blue colored widget”, that if you searched on the search engines for a “blue colored widget”, that the website having blue colored widgets in their domain name would appear at or near the top of the search engine results.

The Long Tail

As the years passed this principle has proven to be correct, no matter what others say. It is still possible today to find highly trafficked generic search terms, that can be optimized, and attain high ranking in the search engine results.

This is the first of a series of articles in which I will show how long tail search terms are the future of search. I strongly believe this.

Domain Name Speculation

In the early days when the Internet first became a public utility, a lot of smart people purchased most of the single word domain names. Later, this expanded to two word domain names as ICANN increased the number of characters in a domain name to 63.

Again, those who were smart, or had afore thought, secured many of the commonly used two word generic keyword terms. Today, certain individuals and companies own thousands of generic domain names as investments.

Frakizini !

It didn’t make any sense to pick cute make up words for domains. Anybody could make up a name, ie. Zolamka, Deridyo, or Frakizini. Well, I’m sure you get the idea. The better idea was, to register generic domain names that contained words that someone ( you the people) would search for.

The Gold Rush

This brings us to today. Is the so called “Gold Rush“ for domain names over? Is there nothing left to be mined? I will show in the articles that will follow, that this is not true, and why recent sales of many single word domains for high prices, just might not be as good an investment as most believe.


I will show you that there are many two to four word domain names that are still available, and that they may be more valuable than many single word domain names.

I will show you how search engine optimization plays a part in leveling the field between single word domain names and the others.

I will show you that with good search engine optimization, longer domain names can bring much more traffic to a website than single word domain names.

And finally, I will show you that there are still thousands of opportunities to obtain a good domain name today that will rank high in the search engines, and bring loads of traffic to your website.

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muskan shakya

My self Muskan Shakya. I am an employee of muffleit com.

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