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The Challenge of Being Yourself

by Mimo le Singe 3 years ago in self help

It's possible to unintentionally appear inauthentic as you're figuring out who you are. But there's a way to avoid that. Make you about you, and them about them.

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Finding Yourself

There comes a time (actually, many times) in your life where you will realize things are happening with you emotionally that have never happened before, and you won't know how to deal with it at that moment. They might affect your ability to function as a human being in everyday life; they might affect the dynamic of your relationships. But one thing will definitely be true. You'll feel the need to step back for a while and consider another way of getting around whatever roadblock is in the way.

This is completely normal, and it's probably the biggest yet most beneficial challenge you'll ever give yourself throughout your life, because there's still you in there you have to preserve. This is your chance to reinforce your beliefs and values, while also keeping an open mind to developing your mindset as you adapt to your current situation. You can't always let your emotions get the best of you, otherwise you won't grow, but you also shouldn't ever get too comfortable because change will happen anytime, anywhere, and in any way.

It's up to you to define yourself and decide how you'll weave your dreams at different points of your existence. With all that being said, try to avoid the habit of publicly announcing every single milestone and downfall you face in your journey, even if you think it'll make you feel even better about yourself.

Too Many Selfies, Too Little Knowledge of Self

It becomes a problem when we spend too much time documenting all our thoughts and updates on social media, and not enough time actually experiencing and appreciating them for ourselves. Unless it's your job to set an example for others to be inspired by, there's no reason why your focus shouldn't be primarily on your own happiness.

While offering advice during Q&A sessions and crafting sweet motivational posts à la minimalist bloggers and yogis are great ways to engage your audience and could provide them with many more opportunities for wellness development than you think. You'll inevitably start getting carried away with maintaining your status among them and forgetting about your own needs. Be sure to set those boundaries so that everyone knows when it's their time to get some TLC.

Is it important to care about what you think of yourself?

Rhetorical question or not, the reason I pose it to my readers is because, in adding to my points above, I oftentimes wonder if people genuinely care about spending time with and depending on themselves for their own well being, or if they care more about flaunting their self-growth for the sake of validation and showing they have something to prove to the world.

If nothing else, at least one person can be pleased, so why not let that person be you? It's not really you anymore if you deem it necessary to construct your persona in such a way that it keeps your audience tuned in on a regular basis regarding matters ultimately not meant for them.

I say this, because you end up commodifying your personal details as the core of your brand rather than using your story sparingly as a means to engineer meaningful dialogue that others in a similar place as you can contribute to for transformation in collective consciousness.

Why do we care so much about what others think of us?

Wanting support from others is perfectly normal, necessary even. After all, we are social beings. But that's only half of the equation. The problem isn't that you're an otherwise well-meaning person; it's that you come across as unnatural in your attempts to impress or please people with the 1000 tales of your journey.

A dozen uplifting YouTube vlogs and a down-to-Earth Instagram story later, your energy begins to wear thin and you may even be growing resentful of your (involuntary) audience that probably isn't "paying it forward," so to speak, as much as you are if at all.

The moment you put too much of yourself out there is, ironically, the moment you get lost in your own forest. You can show that you're overcoming your personal demons without actively pointing it out just by naturally showing off your positive vibes—in particular, passing on motivation to others through your emphasis on how capable they are of nurturing it—and offering a helping hand with no expectations. Everything has a way of speaking for itself and sorting itself out afterward.

Before I sign off, I've got a message I request that you deliver to your Self: Orientate your personal goals on the grounds that you have faith in your ability to accomplish them and that you have the proper respect for your qualities to warrant them. Remember, you're the only one who can live in your body, so you'd better treat it like the temple that it is.

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