The best Memories of my Life

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Childhood Amnesia is real

The best Memories of my Life
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When our lives suddenly came to a hold, it forced me to really reflect on many aspects of my life. I was feeling slightly down and felt disappointed that many things I had envisioned and planned for this year had been cancelled. I guess it’s part of the ups and downs of life.

In an attempt to lift my spirits and feel good about myself I came up with an idea, where I tried to go through each year of my life and remember a great memory that characterised that year.

I was curious as of how far I could get without thinking about it too long and came to a few conclusions about myself. Childhood Amnesia is definitely a thing!

My memory is not as good as I thought. I couldn’t go back too far before all of my memories moulded into an “overall memories of my life”. And, I made a few mistakes on the years in hindsight. Nevertheless, I was able to draw a conclusion from the special moments that had gathered.

My favourite memories throughout the past few years seem to be related to travelling, my family and wealth. After doing this I felt uplifted and also accomplished. It also made me understand my priorities and the direction which I should head towards.

Gratitude is a very important instrument when it comes to creating an abundant life. I believe that he who isn’t grateful for the little he has, will never appreciate a lot either. Abundance starts within ourselves and translates itself in our lives. It was very fulfilling to go over the good things that I have done and been able to do so far.

It also helped me understand my priorities and the direction I should be aiming towards.

Sometimes I feel like life teaches me to be more open when I feel too sure about anything. As if forcing me to unclench my fist when I become judgemental and teaches me to be more understanding.

Decisions don’t have to be definitive, you can change your mind. What turns out to be a mistake today, wasn't necessarily always wrong. You are allowed to change your mind. Sometimes following our hearts means standing up to the entire world, and sometimes it means to do exactly what others expect from you. There is a learning curve in everything we do. There is no blueprint to how to live right.

Disasters happen for change to come. Sometimes things need to break slightly, to help us see with more clarity. Sometime we fail to see the real issue and need a hint. Dissatisfaction may manifest itself in ways we can’t understand at first glance.

There have been times when I felt like I was constantly rebelling against the world, finding it hard to recognise it was an inner battle that I was fighting. It doesn’t have to be like that. Life is peaceful.

One of my older aunties once said that at the end, everything works out fine. After spending so much life on worrying about things, she found out that there was never anything to worry about. I really like this idea and do believe that we can cross bridges when we come to them. Worrying just makes us suffer twice.

Always is a good opportunity to love yourself. It's us who set the tone of how we want to be treated. I have learnt that respecting yourself means to protect yourself from toxic situations and exit anything that may not be good for you.

Build a self-esteem that requires no external approval. Take yourself out, wear nice things, enjoy your own company. Work on yourself, improve yourself in any area you are interested in.

When you learn to adore yourself in the essence of who you are, you will no longer settle for any less than what you are worthy of. Then you can truly appreciate everything, even the smallest things. Because you realise that everything, even the downside are a gift from life. For our enjoyment or for our growth.

Thank you very much for reading this. I hope you were able to relate to this. How far back can you remember? And what do your memories have in common? I am very grateful for your support. With Love, Gabriella

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