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The Activation of Motivation

by shehan anthony 12 months ago in self help
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: Introduction to Motivation: How Controlling Your Motivation can improve Your Life

The Activation of Motivation
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Introduction to Motivation: How Managing Your Motivation Can Help You Live a More Fulfilling Life

What, exactly, is the term "motivation"? Despite the fact that it is a somewhat ambiguous term with varying definitions depending on who you ask, psychology boils it down to a simple definition: the force that motivates us to take action of any kind, whether it is as simple as getting a glass of water or as complex as consuming food. If we didn't have any motivation at all, we'd simply perish from thirst or malnutrition because we wouldn't have any reason to go out and get food and water. Of course, the body has certain defenses against starvation and dehydration in those situations, but the point is that motivation is the driving force behind everything.

It is defined as the biological, social, cognitive, or emotional force that motivates us to perform a particular action in psychology. People commonly refer to motivation as a driving force that propels them to make changes, and that is essentially the definition that we will be using throughout this book. Ultimately, motivation is the force that propels us to make changes and take on significant challenges, and if you can master your motivation, you can master your destiny.

What Constitutes the Components of Motivation?

Identifying and understanding motivation is the most effective way to overcome it, which is why we're going to break motivation down even further into three parts. If you want to achieve a goal, you are well aware that simply having the desire is not sufficient motivation. In fact, maintaining your motivation throughout the obstacles that you will undoubtedly encounter is essential to achieving your objectives. The following are the three distinct components of motivation:

Intensity of Activation Persistence of Activation

The Initiation of Motivated Behavior

When you have a strong desire to accomplish something and you act on that desire, you are said to have activated motivation. Example: If you wanted to lose twenty pounds in the next few weeks, you might devise a diet and exercise plan to follow over the next few weeks.

You are motivated because you have a strong desire to achieve your goal and you have taken a step in the right direction to get there. It could be anything at this point.

You are not required to make a diet or exercise plan if you are following our model. If you want to lose 20 pounds, it could be as simple as throwing away all of the junk food in your cupboards or stepping on a scale and finding out how much you weigh so that you can know when you've reached your goal weight. The activation of motivation occurs whenever you take a step in the direction of your goal after you have achieved it.

How to Identify a Source of Motivation That Is Effective for Your Situation

A source of motivation from which to draw inspiration is essential if you want to become more motivated in your life. Consider this source of motivation to be similar to a bucket of water. To get some extra motivation whenever you need it, you can dip your cup into this bucket and draw some inspiration from it. It does, however, imply that whatever is contained within the bucket will have to be extremely potent material.

Earlier, we discussed the three sources of motivation and how these sources can serve to fuel your own personal motivational efforts. The problem with these sources, however, is that they are already in place and cannot be removed. In the case of sleeping at night, you are most likely motivated to work hard at your job and keep receiving a paycheck so that you can afford to pay your rent. In the event that you have an arousal need that promotes sexual desire, you may find yourself more motivated to lose weight or get in better shape.

Due to the fact that these sources of motivation are already present, whether you want them or not, relying on them as a source of motivation is clearly not going to be effective, otherwise you would have already achieved your objectives. As a result, we must identify a new source of motivation from which you can draw.

The following chapter will provide you with some tips for staying motivated, such as hanging a picture of something you're working on on your wall, but this isn't what we're talking about right now. This is a more in-depth type of thing, something that assists you in obtaining motivation in the first place and getting things started. Knowing yourself and what you want is the most effective way to accomplish this. Here are a few exercises to get you started.


Many people laugh at the idea of using meditation to get to know yourself better, but let's put all of our preconceived notions aside for a moment. At its most basic level, meditation is simply a period of time during which you remain completely still and silent. Quiet is required in order to ask the deeper questions about what you want to do with your life, because otherwise you will not be able to hear the answers. It's worth a shot; dig deep into yourself and discover what you really want, way down deep at the core.

Create a biography by following these steps:

Assume that you were going to die tomorrow and that you only had 1000 words to tell the world who you were and what you wanted to achieve in life before passing away. Take your time and give it some serious consideration. It is possible that the act of writing about ourselves as if we were biographing someone else will not only be cathartic, but it will also open us up to truths that we were previously unaware of – at least not consciously.

Learn about different religions:

You do not have to be religious to learn about different religions. In fact, people who are extremely religious often have difficulty studying other religions, and especially when it comes to looking at them objectively. The question of who we are and what we want out of life has been asked by religions for much longer than you and I have been alive. While you should take everything you read or hear with a grain of salt, some religions – particularly Buddhism – may contain truths that can assist you in discovering who you are and what you want from life.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Decide what it is about you that makes you stand out from the crowd. This may assist you in identifying what it is that you truly and deeply desire. A side effect of discovering what makes us unique is that we become more aware of how much we have to offer the world, as well as how much the world has to offer us in return.

Make a list of the things in your life that you absolutely adore and put it somewhere safe.

It's the things that get you pumped up and happy that give you the feeling that you're truly alive. There's no point in arguing about what those things are. You have the freedom to write about anything you want, including cooking, sports, teaching, learning, and anything else you want. You'll discover some deeper truths about yourself and your life goals if you look closely at this love list.

A Billionaire is someone who has amassed a fortune.

How would you spend a billion dollars in your bank account, consider the following scenario: The fact that you would never have to worry about working again, and that all of your bills would be paid, along with having enough money to do whatever you wanted and finance whatever you wanted, from starting a business of some kind to making a big budget movie, would be a dream come true. So, what would you do with a billion dollars, where would you go, and what would you care about if you had that much money?

Your Admiration:

Who are the five people on the face of the earth whom you admire the most? Organize your list by writing down the characteristics that you admire about each of them. Then decide what it is about each of them that you admire so much. Then consider those characteristics as if they were something you were striving to achieve yourself (and perhaps they are). These characteristics may provide you with some excellent clues as to what you really want out of life.

You Have No Boundaries:

Consider the possibility that you had no restrictions on your life at all. Whatever those restrictions are, get rid of them. If you've always wanted to be a rock-and-roll singer but lacked the necessary vocal ability, now's your chance to fulfill your dream! If you have always wanted to run marathons but have been unable to because you are confined to a wheelchair, you can now do so. Can you tell where your deep down motivation comes from now that you have removed all of your limitations and written down what it is that you truly want to achieve?

Without the fear of being judged: If you knew that no one could possibly judge you, what would you stand for? What are the causes in which you would like to make a public statement to the world that you support? Remember that no one will judge you for what you believe in or for what you stand up for. Make a list of several things in which you strongly believe and about which you would be vocal if you weren't afraid of being judged.

My Accomplishments:

Make a list of all of your most significant achievements. You can find inspiration for doing more things in the future by reflecting on the things that you have already accomplished. Make a list of everything that you accomplished that was a particular challenge for you, rather than something that is typically difficult for everyone to accomplish.

Any time you have achieved success, especially when it has been against all odds, you should document it. Then examine your achievements to see if they have a deeper meaning and provide you with more motivation for the future.

Having reached the conclusion of this , you should have gained a better understanding of how motivation works and how you can control it in order to achieve your goals and improve your quality of life

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