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Thank You Vocal For Giving Me a Mountain to Climb

by Lynda Coker about a month ago in goals

Writing is hard work but it can be fun if you have a mountain to climb

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Writing is hard work done in solitary aloneness with the hope that others will find your words appealing. Reaching those significant others can be almost impossible without a mountain-like platform from which to speak.

When I discovered Vocal, I found a beautiful, approachable, and climbable mountain that offered me the platform I needed. No, they don't make the climb for me but they do offer me an opportunity from which to start with a clear view to the summit.

As a writer, trying to reach the summit is sometimes scary and the possibility of falling off a cliff is always one step away. For me, reaching the summit will mean I've built a sizable readership and am earning a moderate income in the process.

Thank you Vocal...

Let's plan the climb

I’m shivering. Goosebumps rise like moguls along my arms.

My mountain climbing basecamp

In the corner of my living room is a writing area complete with desk, comfy chair, shelves, stacks of books, computer, cell phone, and a cup of blooming tea. *We’ll talk about the Oreo and potato chip crumbs a little later.

This dedicated area gives me the trappings of a ‘real’ writer and it has a great view of the Vocal mountain that, at the moment, casts a huge shadow over my desk. Why a shadow? Because, having just begun, I’m sitting at the bottom of this mountain adventure. However, my eyes are focused on the sun-drenched summit resting somewhere near the clouds.

Vertical climbs are riddled with adventure

Dreaming about the challenge of reaching the summit causes my blood pressure to rise but improves my circulation. At my age, over 50 and the rest I'm keeping to myself, you learn to live with these small trade-outs.

If I want to join those who scaled the vertical wall of this mountain, I cannot waste a moment in doubt or hesitation. My window of opportunity is a lot smaller than most others. But my window is uniquely mine and I intend to use every nano-second left in its shrinking expanse.

My climbing gear

The gear I’m most proud to own is my decades of life experience, the lessons learned, and the truths I’ve discovered. For my climb, these items are equal to mountaineering boots, crampons, a climbing helmet, and an ice ax.

My strategy

My strategy is as simple as it gets. Write, write, and write some more. Then, get serious and write even more. Just like climbing — step, reach, step, reach.

Sometimes I’ll write short advice and opinion ladened stories. That’s like a short swing to the next crag. Other times I’ll give it all I’ve got and write novellas and full-length fiction. And then, there is still time for poetry — which is like dangling from a rope after my foot has slipped.

Why am I climbing this mountain

Real-life mountain climbers answer that question this way.

“Because it exists.”

As someone who loves using words like building blocks to create a living, breathing story, my answer must also be…

“Because the Vocal mountain exists.”

Its very existence is, in itself, a challenge. And I’ve accepted this challenge by putting it on the top of my ‘bucket list’.

My last will and testament

Every responsible mountain climber always sets his house in order before he attempts the climb—at least that’s what I’ve been told.

I’m happy to report that all my affairs are sorted, categorized, and filed. Should I fall off the cliff before the summit is reached, I hereby bequeath all my written words to those who enjoy them.

My last request

At the moment, I have no team, no cheering section, not even one bouncy cheerleader. So, if you’re inclined, why not follow my progress. I’ve left some pom poms on the cyber table for your use. And if that’s too much to ask, an encouraging smile will do.

Potato Chips and Oreos

You’ll be glad to know that I’ve adjusted my diet to better train for this adventure. Blooming teas, potato chips, Oreos, and pickles are stockpiled. Rest assured, I’m packed and ready to ascend…


Lynda Coker
Lynda Coker
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