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Ten Things I Hope Find You

by Niki Patino 5 months ago in healing

A List of What You Are

Ten Things I Hope Find You
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I was 27 and had just escaped from the black trash bag of existence I had been living in for about 13 years. Perhaps you have experienced your own sort of trash bag existence. It is a place with no light, with no space to let love in. In fact, it’s fair to say that I was not really the bag at all since I was not truly myself until I crawled out into the world. It happened when I was a safe distance away from the bag and able to walk mindfully for hours a day in a moving meditation that quieted my mind and set my soul ablaze.

“What am I,” I asked the world.

This list built itself organically during that time, and I believed it was the answer to my question. When the list was one thing long, I was content. When it was nine things long, I was content. But when it was ten things long, I was complete. These are the things that exist both within you and around you, things to acknowledge and appreciate, things with at least five different perspectives to experience: physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. In sharing this list, I hope you ask to be shown these things, too.


I am Healthy.

A healthy body is fed well. It keeps what’s needed, rids itself of the unnecessary. Learn to listen to its needs for nourishment, movement, and rest. A mental health diet should contain mindfulness, positive thought, and creative outlets. Healthy emotions need to be acknowledged, honored for their purpose, and processed. Relationships can add undue stress and remove you from yourself if they are not held within a healthy boundary. Spiritual health depends on belief systems that support faith, spirituality, and soul’s ascension towards the higher self.

I am Beautiful.

Physical beauty is found in the evolutional form of things, in the arts, and in the mundane. The body is beautiful in all it can do. The mind is beautiful in its capacity for communication both within the body and extended across other beautiful brains. The expression of emotion is beautiful. Our relationships are, too, when they support and encourage us. The spirit is beautiful in its purity and interconnectedness with others.

I am Energy.

The body requires energy for action, both involuntarily and intentional. The mind requires energy to reason, process, emote, exercise free will, and extend its computations. Emotional energy helps you process and move forward. The energy between two people or two living things is alive and palpable. The soul’s energy is divinely neutral and mirrored in subatomic particles, wavelengths, frequencies, chakras, and the cosmos.

I am Graceful.

Body’s grace is seen in physical movement and in each person’s ease of movement through life via our unique set of gifts and talents. Mental grace is seen in forgiveness and suspending judgment of self and others. Emotional grace is the ease with which we allow ourselves to feel. Relationships have grace when we are our true selves with one another. Spiritual grace is found in surrender and alignment with your soul’s higher purpose.

I am Wise.

We have wisdom of self through experience. Understand your body’s strengths and limitations. Develop your mind’s intuition and self-actualization. Listen to what your emotions are telling you. Learn from past and present relationships. Come to know your soul by trusting a higher power, divine source, or yourself.

I am Intelligent.

We have intelligence of others through empathy. By extension of knowing your own body system, you can understand the physicality of other organisms. Mental and emotional intelligence can be measured and improved upon. Study other relationships and learn from them what and how to improve your own. Intelligence of the spirit, soul, and god-concepts comes from learning about your own and other cultural beliefs and practices.

I am Strong.

The body can heal and repair itself with its own strength. The mind can focus, problem-solve, self-protect, or self-destruct due to its strength. Emotions can make you cry or smile. A relationship has a fluid and changing strength that is relative to each partner involved. The soul’s strength is in its auric presence, in being present, and in living uninhibited, unrestrained, and unafraid – there is also tremendous strength in restraint when you can discern between which avenue is best for you and all others involved.

I am Courageous.

Physical courage is in seeking out our desires. Mental courage is in finding what we’ve sought, accepting it, and committing to a course of action in its direction. It takes courage to feel your emotions. It takes courage to be vulnerable in relationship with others. Your spiritual courage is in believing in your higher self, acting towards it, and enjoying the life you’ve shaped with every choice.

I am Disciplined.

Body’s discipline is in physical self-control and adherence to a healthy lifestyle. Mind’s is in mindfulness and meditative practices. Emotional discipline is in allowance and regulation. Discipline in a relationship comes from staying true to yourself as an individual in a partnership. Your soul’s discipline is in relinquishing control and learning patience and trust in divine timing.

I am Love.

Love your body; it’s your vehicle through life. Love your mind; it’s crucial to what you manifest into your reality. Love your emotions; they are the river that leads to healing. Love your relationships; they can feed all parts of you, and you, in return, can nurture those who rely on you. Love your spirit and soul; believe that you deserve to feel whole and that your divinity lies within.


Niki Patino

Niki is a native of Syracuse, NY. She has had many professional careers: Zookeeper, Magician's Assistant, Organic Chemist, Fairy Godmother in Training, Aerialist. She loves to create and share the stories that demand to be written down.

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Niki Patino
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