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Temporariness Is Forever

by Trent Swisher 3 years ago in happiness

Find beauty in the temporary, not fear.

Everyone tells you forever doesn’t exist. Although it’s true that all good things come to an end, it isn’t true that nothing lasts forever. In fact, the only thing that lasts forever is its opposite; temporariness.

You can’t avoid it and no matter how much you don’t want to accept it, it’s inevitable. Everything is temporary and that will never change. As people we sometimes find ourselves wondering when not only the good things will end but also the bad. We find ourselves stuck in this anxious loop of the unknown that we tend to lose focus on the things we do know.

For example, don’t waste your time thinking about how much time you have left. We don’t know what day will be our final day, or even what moment will be our final moment, but instead of wondering when you’ll take your last breath, spend more time seeking the beauty that leaves you breathless.

Think about this, you don’t even know what you don’t know.

With that in mind, put your energy towards what you have, not how much longer you will have those things. You don’t know how long you’ll have said thing or person in your life so focus on the fact you have it now and use the unknown as a reminder to never take that said thing or person for granted. Use the unknown as leverage to spend more time being in the now and less time in what’s to come.

They say you have control of the future and I’m here to tell you that’s a lie. You only have control over what is happening right now. They say you never know a good thing until it’s gone but I say to know a good thing before it’s gone.

Personally, I find so much fire and desire with living life in the moment. I feel so much more alive, determined, and happy when I focus on what I’m doing in the moment. Worry less about the future and focus more on your present.

My whole life I let fear control my life. It has stopped me from doing literally everything I wanted to do. Whether if that's going to the movies with friends or going on a roller coaster, I missed out on so many memories simply because I was scared of what might happen. I was scared to live.

The moment you accept what you can’t change is the moment you step outside of your comfort zone and explore a side of you that you didn’t even know existed. There is so much to explore not only out in the world but within yourself. If you don’t explore the possibilities you’ll constantly find yourself feeling stuck. Don’t let yourself fall into that trap, you’re better than that.

With that being said, find beauty in the temporary, not fear. You will never be prepared for the unknown but that’s what makes life worth living. It makes you enjoy every moment that much more and makes you love people harder than you did before.

Learn to love yourself and every moment you exist in. Whether if that’s the good, bad, beautiful, or ugly, every moment in life is worth living. Just remember, if you’re too worried about what you can’t change, you’re more worried about the unknown when you should be more worried about living in the now.

In conclusion, temporariness is the only thing that’s forever. All of your memories will become a temporary moment but it’s all those temporary moments that create a beautiful life. Live freely, love passionately, and be fearless. Take nothing for granted and live your life to the fullest. Don’t let something inevitable prevent you from being unstoppable.


Trent Swisher

Aspiring writer and YouTuber! I’m young, outgoing, and always have a story to tell!

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Trent Swisher
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