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Tea Bags and 2021

by Lois Cunniff 24 days ago in goals

Navigating The Winds Of Change

The inspirational message on my afternoon tea bag read, " The unknown is where all outcomes are possible; enter it with grace.” Such wisdom and really delicious tea. This got me thinking about all the changes I've experienced in my lifetime; both expected and unexpected. About the times I went gracefully into the winds of change and the unknown, and the times I went kicking and screaming; clinging to the tried and true, afraid to let go of safe jobs, familiar places. The following part of the quote really speaks to me.

“ The Unknown is where all things are possible”

Opening up to all possibility, rather than sticking with one stringent path because it seems safe, or familiar. The safe and familiar can be taken away in an instant. Change is scary for everyone, including me, but for me there is nothing worse than staying stuck. What if there is something amazing on the other side of fear?

I am at a crossroads in my life, something which I am no stranger to. My resume reads like it has ADD. I'm not a career person, rather a few years person. I've never been afraid to try something new. I not afraid of change, rather I embrace it. I'm moving states, transferring to a job with the same organization, but doing something I have never done before, there are a lot of unknowns. I have no doubts about the move, I'm going home to Boston. However, as I write I can feel a bit of anxiety about the job, what if it's not the right job for me, what if I don't like it. This is where the second tea bag comes in, it reads “Never regret mistakes. Admire the courage it took to attempt the unknown.” I'm noticing a theme here and I'm also a somewhat concerned that I am taking life advice from tea bags.

I was recently telling a friend of my plans. He said smiling “well, there is nothing permanent in life other than death, you can always come back." I'm pretty sure the job change won't kill me. If it doesn't work out will the world, come to a crashing halt and life as we know it cease to exist? No, I will simply course correct and try something new. I'm the queen or reinventing myself. One thing I know is true, I can't stay where I am. Maine is just not the place for me, at least not now, maybe not ever. I don't believe in God, but I believe there is something outside of us that guides us along the way. The universe is pushing me to make this change, so here I go into 2021 with a fresh start. I'm looking forward to rediscovering the city that will always have my heart. It's been four years since I left, so much has changed. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, may of who I haven't seen since the start of Covid. Will this be a permeant move home for me, most likely not. I'm nomadic at heart. I once traveled across country for 9 months in a camper. There are places I would like to return. Perhaps the Oregon coast, which is just stunning or maybe Washington state. The cool thing that is my job is part of a nationwide organization, so I can transfer to any location in which they operate. This makes my nomadic heart happy. Who knows, maybe I will become a career person after all. Perhaps this will be the beginning of many other new beginnings to come. I don't know what's around the corner, but I'm open to the possibilities and excited to see what lies ahead for me.

Lois Cunniff
Lois Cunniff
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Lois Cunniff

I am a self- taught photographer. My passion is pet photography, but I also shoot some portrait work as well as landscapes, cityscapes and love long exposure. Animal rescues matter, I donate a portion of my profits to local rescues.

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