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Tarot Predictions - Gemini

by Energyia Singh about a year ago in self help
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For those born in the month of June


This is a year long prediction for those born under the Sun-Sign - Gemini - (21st May- 20th June). I took a three card spell, the spell of continuity- from past to future.

The first card represents the past: it is 9 of disks: The card represents financial gain, abundance. It is an Earth card. With 9 disks, divided in three groups, each group with three cards. The centre has three disks one pink representing the energy of love- one blue representing wisdom, and one green representing creativity. The intermingled coloured rays come out, with each ray containing one outer disk. The 6 disks represent 6 different planets: Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Venus and Jupiter (Counter Clockwise starting from top)

The middle card represents the present: it is 10 of wands: The card represents burden, hard work and completion. The card belongs to the fire suit. The imagery on the card shows two Vajras in the foreground. And the background has eight sticks crossing each other. The background sticks represent flow- but they are oppressed by the two Vajras in the foreground. This therefore deals with the issues of the process of realizations. Being a fire card- it directly influences the thinking process.

And the last card is a Major Arcana card- the 13th Trump card- Death: it represents major upheavals, great transformations. The card shows a skeleton holding a scythe ready to harvest all withered things falling through the veil of fate. There is death, and yet there is also life sprouting. The card represents the eternal cycle of life and death and rebirth. Many people take the card literally and think that it represents the physical death, no the card tells the changes needed in you to reach your full potential. It is death of the person you know as self- and is rebirth of a better version of you.

What does this mean

Earth being a practical sign, and representing wealth- the nine of disks tells that in the past you have reaped rewards of your good Karma. Through your hard work, and planning you have achieved a level of financial security. And you are ready to share what you have received with others.

The present represented by 10 of wands, talks about the external sources of anxiety and worries. It is important to deal with this mess and learn to handle the anxieties in a positive manner. The card also shows that there is struggle involved in the path of success. See if you have not overloaded your platter with many tasks and responsibilities. If it is so- then this is the time to de-clutter. And while at times you may feel you are losing confidence- stay motivated.

The future is depicted by the major Arcana trump card- the card of death. The card does not tell the future but tells what you should do to go into a better future. The card tells you to learn to let go- anything that has served its purpose- is oppressing you- yes it came into your life once because it served a purpose- but now it is long dead- if you still carry it- it will only rot.

So if you are in a job and you feel oppressed it is time you reevaluate your career choices.

If you feel that it is the relationship itself which is causing anxiety or is too demanding- take a break- talk about your apprehensions.

Whatever in your life is oppressing you- it is time to let it go.

An interesting thing to note is that all three cards include the planet Saturn symbols on them. This is the age of Aquarius ruled again by Saturn. In astrology, Saturn is said to be a very strict master. He comes to teach a lesson, if we learn it he rewards, but if not he uses severe punishments. The lesson for you dear Gemini’s is to learn to let go- LET GO-that which oppresses you- makes you anxious- stops your inner expression.

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