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How I stopped caring about other people's opinions.

I think about a week or two ago I decided that I am going to drop out of college and pursue something different. Something that will not only benefit me but those I love and care about as well. In the midst of this decision, I knew that if I wanted to be happy I couldn't let others, no matter who they were; whether that be my friends or family who I am really close to try and have some sort of authority over my life. Since the beginning of the semester, I have said I wanted to drop out. I felt like I wasn't really learning anything that was going to benefit me in any way. I tried different methods to try and stick with it but it didn't seem like a good enough reason to stay. I have been trying to please mostly my friends with me staying in school, but I finally woke up and decided that I didn't want to do that anymore. I wanted to be free and live MY life how I wanted to live it. I honestly felt like Markus in "Detroit: Become Human" where he breaks free from what being told what to do, to doing what he truly feels is right. (Watch play through if you haven't already)

I felt like for a long time that I had to continue on with my education in order to be successful and make my family proud and lead them onto a better life. I was going to be the one to get my family out of our rut with the power of "college". It was embedded into my head for so long that having a greater education will lead you to an ideal life.

That in fact is not the case. In our day and age we are able to make a living almost out of anything and everything. Each day that passes I see different creators on different social media apps (ie. TikTok, Instagram, Twitter)come up with new and innovative ways and things to sell. It probably took a lot for them in order to do that business that they are looking to build.

My intuition from a young age told me that I was not meant to make a living the "normal" average way, meaning having a 9-5 job, I am not bashing on this type of lifestyle, in fact I admire and respect those who work these jobs. Although, in my young life that I have lived (I am only 18 turning 19 in January) I realized from the part-time and full time positions that I worked so far, that I do not like to follow the rules of someone else. I want to be able to be my own boss and do things in my own way. I've seen posts where people decide to start their own business and work whenever they want but they end up working 24/7. I realized that is true but if it is something that I am passionate about and put my all into it, I will not perceive it as "work" but something that I love to do. The reason I say that I will not perceive it as "work" is because according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (one of) the definition means, "to perform work or fulfill duties regularly for wages or salary". When I decided to quit school and pursue that one thing I want to become it won't just be for a salary, but it will be something that will fulfill me as well. When you are figuring out your life, you have to find something that will fulfill you. It might take a few tries to find that career you are in love with and that is okay.

I hate the fact that 17 & 18 year olds are forced to know what to do with their lives by the end of graduation of high school. Whether that be working in a trade after graduating, going to college (university or community), or just working another job that isn't necessarily a trade. Not only is this forced upon by the adults in our lives, but because we are pressured into knowing, we are pressuring each other into having to know what to do also. When I told my friends that I made the decision of quitting school to pursue a different career path, only a few were supportive and others did not seem to like it. I was looking into getting training to become an Esthetician, one of them thought it was a ridiculous idea for me to even drop out of school for this, she says she doesn't want me to later then regret my decision. Her saying this made me feel as though she was doubting me, maybe she is, I know that in her mind she thinks she is looking out for me. As friends or people close to us we want to protect the ones we love from making "mistakes". But when it comes to ones journey in their career path, or journey through life in general, there is no reason for anyone to try and tell someone else what to do. Even if it is a mistake (which I truly know it isn't) I am young, THIS IS THE TIME TO MAKE MISTAKES. Late teens and early 20's is the time where people are figuring their lives out and who they want to be. There shouldn't be a rush for anything. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do, you are the writer to your own story, so write it however you please.

You can see how successful you are going to be based on your friend group. If you see people not working for what they want, if you hear people complain about doing tasks or just going to work, or even a mix of both, if you are surrounded by people who complain but do nothing to fix the problem, you will not be successful. Yes, you might have some good memories here and there but at the end of the day you have to ask yourself, "Are they really contributing anything to help me be a better version of myself?" Those negative views that they say and think, will rub off onto you and will make you look at life the same way. Make sure to surround yourself with people that work for everything they want, that have a positive mindset on things and who support you from day 1.

If you have a plan of something you want to do, I suggest not to tell anyone. Especially if you know that they will try to drive doubt and fear into your mind. Even the people close to you will have something to say. Do not listen to them, if anything use them as fuel, your motivation to keep going on with your dream. Show them that they should've never doubted you from the beginning. That is what is driving me, and also the fact that I will be doing something that I love and to help others be more confident within themselves. I hope that whoever reads this finds their meaning and life and does something that they are truly passionate about. To the people that are still trying to figure their life out, relax, make yourself a nice tea (or whatever you like to sip on), you will find out soon. I believe in you and you are not alone there are many other people in the same place.

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