Taking an Emotional Journey

by Teddi Jutsen 5 months ago in healing

From Unworthiness to Optimism

Taking an Emotional Journey

All of us, for as long as we’re breathing, will go through the ups and the downs of life. We are supposed to feel emotions. We attach emotions to our thoughts. We give meaning to every experience by the thoughts and the emotions we attach to it.

“The basis of life is freedom.

The purpose of life is joy.

The result is expansion.”

~ Abraham-Hicks

From our non-physical existence, we came here to fully experience this physical time-space reality and find joy in the experience through the sifting and the sorting through the various thoughts and emotions. Our only work is to take that journey to appreciation, joy, and love.

How do we do that in the face of recurring contrasts and negative emotions? By working our way up the emotional scale by finding relief in the moment.

Here’s a good example.

I'm having a crisis. One that keeps coming up again and again. The feeling of rejection. The feeling of not being enough. The feeling of being judged. My heart is breaking.

It shocks me that after 30 years it would still hurt me this much. I'm almost sure that my heart will not be able to take much more of this recurring pain.

Family is supposed to give you the feelings of warmth, of belonging, of being nurtured, of being cared for, of feeling at home. Especially the family that you choose, that you created, to love and to cherish and had planned to spend the rest of your life with.

Why do I let other people's choices affect me so much?

What is the purpose of this pain that I feel?

What is the purpose of these thoughts that evoke this pain?

Will moving away help ease the pain? Is this the Universe pushing the envelope further?

I'm struggling for the answer.

If I am to be fair and objective, I would say people do what they do because they are simply reaching for something to make them feel good, or better in the moment.

But everything and everyone is a reflection of me. So what is this a reflection of?

What is this really about? Do I really need to know? Is it more important to know what it’s about? Or to feel better?

I want to feel better right now, this moment, so I will reach for a better feeling thought.

What would be a better feeling thought?

I have things in my life that are working out.

I live in a progressive country, a progressive city that is beautiful, and clean and largely lawful.

I live in a beautiful home in a quiet, leafy neighbourhood, in a beautiful suburb in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, surrounded by beautiful houses and greenery, a place that is safe, and relatively tranquil.

I have a bed to sleep in at night, or any time in the day, really. My bed is warm and comforting and gives me a good rest. My home is cozy, and comfortable, and homey.

I have healthy food available for me to consume whenever I want everyday. I have herbs and other supplements to help keep my body healthy and vital. I have the strength and the means to move my body to exercise, or to dance to uplifting music whenever I want.

I have the love of my sons to turn to whether I need it or not.

I have a means to connect with people near or far, electronically.

I have clean clothes to wear and to keep me comfortable no matter what the weather is.

I am relatively healthy and relatively strong physically and am able to do things for myself and, to help myself.

I have friends, old and new, who care about me.

I am pretty smart and can think for myself. I can learn anything I set my heart to.

I can make decisions to alter my trajectory.

I can do things that will strengthen me, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I am not a tree that is stuck in one place. I can move.

All is well. Things are always working out for me.

And most of all, Source loves me.

Teddi Jutsen
Teddi Jutsen
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