Take Better Care of Yourself

by Daniel Wittler 7 months ago in self help

Most of us are our own worst enemies, we treat other people with respect and kindness but not ourselves.

Take Better Care of Yourself

I am a very empathetic person. I really feel for other's pain when they are going through something, and am also someone who will forgive people for when they do me wrong pretty easily. I suppose because I have not had the easiest life that I know none of us are perfect. Regardless, I treat people well, because in this world we should just treat everyone with kindness because we have no idea what anyone is going through. When it comes to myself though I really don't do the best job as being kind to myself.

I'm sure i'm not the only one who is their own worst enemy. I find myself feeling so much compassion for others who are struggling in life but not for myself at all. Instead, I will just chop myself down and just reiterate all the negative beliefs I have about myself. Again, is this normal? I really do not know, but most people I interact with seem to deal with the same thing. There is zero understanding for my own faults in life, and all the understanding in the world with other people's.

A few months ago I was sitting at my work desk, I was tired, unmotivated and just feeling straight up blah. That's when I asked myself a question in my head that hit me hard, "Why don't you take better care of yourself?"It perplexed me; I didn't hate myself, I am far away from my self-sabotage days so it's not like I was going to extremes to ruin my life. That question made me reflect though big time. I am 31 years old and I think as life goes on and grows and you get your routine down, whether it's a good or bad one, it is easy to hit an auto pilot mode.

I had been in autopilot for quite some time, and there was zero awareness to how I was taking care of myself. What do I mean by take care of myself? Simple stuff like eating healthy, exercising, positive affirmations, doing fun things that I enjoy. For me it was mainly the health aspect. In August 2019 I found myself heavier than I had ever been, I was just about to turn 31 and I began to reflect on my morality. I have heart disease scattered in my family, and had a father who died at 60 of a heart attack, and his mother died of one at 52.

I have been sober from drugs and alcohol for nearly five years; I am grateful for things like having a bed and a job and friends/family in my life. I suppose for me it was easy to overlook things such as doing what is best for my future because I was just grateful to have any kind of life. I remember going to CBT therapy at my rehab and outlining several things I had wanted to change significantly upon leaving treatment. The biggest highlights were health and fitness, years later of building a life I had completely forgotten that sentiment purely because I just didn't have the awareness.

I am writing this so that anyone reading can ask themselves how well they are taking care of themselves, I think the true answer to many people will surprise them and maybe you will realize there are several things you can do for yourself that you simply just have not thought about recently.

These past three months I have lost 25 pounds, have changed my morning ritual for the better and have sought out opportunities to further my career that I had been putting off. Obviously, it has been great and I could not be happier I finally put some action behind my thoughts of wanting to change. There was no rock bottom I had to hit, there was no event that needed to happen before I made the change, I just asked myself that one question, "Why aren't you taking better care of yourself?"

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Daniel Wittler
Daniel Wittler
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