Synchronicities: The Language of the Universe

by Karissa Coltrin 7 months ago in self help

Are you listening?

Synchronicities: The Language of the Universe

I wish I had a record of all the synchronicities I've encountered in my lifetime. Think about those instances where you've had a fleeting thought about something seemingly random, just to have that "thing" show up in your life experience a short time later.

Coincidence? I think not...

The universe is always communicating with us. It's always validating the divine connection of all things. It does so by offering subliminal messages and seemingly coincidental experiences every single day... but do you notice them? I think those of us that are tapping into our spirituality by deliberately practicing mindfulness notice a lot of the time. However, I often wonder how many messages I'm actually missing. What other clues are being offered by the universe? What other signals could I be missing that are meant to guide me along my path? I guess it's almost impossible to know... or is it?

Now, noticing these synchronicities is a great step in the right direction, but deciphering their meaning can be a challenging task for some. Am I interpreting this correctly? Am I making the right decision from here based on the signals given? We may not know 100% what the lesson or guidance is, but the best way to figure it out is to be still and feel. Ask for guidance and clarity from the universe, your angels, and spirit guides. If you are able to calm the mind, sit in stillness and silence, it's likely you will know the next step by feeling it...

The other element to this (that we haven't discussed up to this point) is the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction governs our lives and most people don't even know it. It influences many (if not all) synchronicities that show up for us in our daily lives. Yes, our guides are sending us messages as needed, but we are also attracting the things we are thinking about. Specifically, we attract the things we are thinking about that we are not offering resistance toward. When we are in the flow of life and we are offering no resistance, these things that we are not resisting tend to show up for us as synchronicities. They flow to us! These are things we have manifested into being...

I have a recent example of this from my own life experience. Recently, my son and I noticed a praying mantis in our backyard. I hadn't seen a praying mantis in well over a decade, so it was out of the norm for me. We stared in amazement at this interesting creature for several minutes before moving on with our evening. A couple days later, I briefly thought about that praying mantis. Again, it was a fleeting thought that lasted only a couple seconds and then I moved on, not to think of it again. After a few hours, my son and I were outside and saw another praying mantis. It was amazing! To go from not seeing any for years to seeing two! Wow! How cool is that.

Now, it gets a little crazier... Currently, I'm a member of a Sacred Goddess Community called the Rose Gold Goddesses (Sahara Rose is the host). This is a group of truly inspired women and this community allows us to share all things related to spirituality, rituals, sensuality, creativity, feminism, oracle/tarot cards, divine messages, etc... you know, some of the more unique and "woo-woo" topics that are out there. Well, later on that evening after seeing the second praying mantis, I got onto the app created for this RGG community and the first post I saw was about a praying mantis that had just shown up for a fellow RGG member. And beyond that, there were several other women that commented about their experience seeing one on the same day! What?! There is no way this was a coincidence. But what was the message behind it?

One of the ladies posted this picture from a book about Shamanism:

There had to be a divine message here... and I was listening. We were all listening. I believe the universe was telling me (and the other ladies in the group) to take time for stillness whenever possible. That is one of the most important things we can do in this life. The other message I got from this (for me personally) was that what I desire is coming to me.

Thank you for letting me share this experience! Who knows... maybe you too saw a praying mantis and this is exactly what you needed to know about the experience.

Interested in learning more about the Law of Attraction and/or synchronicities that are showing up for you in life? I will share more about this topic in one of my upcoming posts. Follow Yourself Enlightened on Instagram and Twitter @222betruetoyou and visit my website and blog at Stay tuned for more!


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