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How to recognize them.

By Julie O'HaraPublished about a year ago Updated 12 months ago 4 min read

I wanted to write about an experience I had that for me truly outlines what synchronicities are. They are not just angel numbers. They come in many forms; you just have to pay attention.

I am not relaying this story to pat myself on the back or to get validation or make myself look good or important. I am just an ordinary person, living my life and I try to help when I can. But when you pay attention, the Divine or the Universe will talk to you and guide you to what you are supposed to do.

I live in New Hampshire, and I drive Lyft. For the most part I enjoy it and love meeting new people. But at times I am presented with challenges of people who need help. I have heard that saddest and tragic stories over the years

There is a young couple I pick up frequently. They both have serious substance abuse problems with heroin and have both recently relapsed. They are self-medicating. They are an adorable and sweet couple, clearly soulmates and totally in love each other. A couple of days ago, I picked them up and noticed things were way off. So, we had coffee so they could talk and bring me up to speed. They eventually agreed to go into rehab and told me they would call me when they were ready. I told them I would drive them. You cannot force rehab. People have to be ready. Addiction is horrible.

To protect their identity, I am going to call them Mary and Mike (not their real names). A few days later, Mary calls me and very humbly asks if I could loan them $20 for food. Now, I am not stupid, I know you do not give money to relapsed addicts, but I also knew she was being honest with me, and she was hungry. I was in a turmoil, and I told her I would get back to her while I figured out how to manage this. At the least, I was going to feed them.

Like I told you I drive for Lyft and occasionally, while working I will get a notification telling me I had “earned” a bonus on my next ride. Now, keep in mind these bonuses are usually about $5. Immediately after hanging up with Mary, I get a notification that I would have a $20 bonus on my next ride and as soon as I read this, a voice in my head said, “that money is not for you.’

Hmmmm…. Interesting.

So, I decide to just go with the flow, you know “surrender.” And then maybe five seconds later, I get a ride request from another passenger I have driven in the past, and her name was “Mary.” And I knew I had to give the money to Mike and Mary. That this money was being sent to them from another place. I did not earn this money; it was a bonus.

So I called her and got the money to her the next morning. They used it to buy breakfast and then I drove them to the place where they would be processed for rehab. I know this will trigger some people who will tell me I should have just bought them breakfast and not given them money, but that is not what the Divine told me to do, and the act of me trusting them to do the right thing helped them feel a bit stronger about themselves.

This is how the Universe and Source talk to you. You just have to listen and have your heart and mind open at all times. I did nothing special or honorable. I was just a facilitator, and that is how these things work. Listen and follow your instincts and be ready to give when needed.

This is not the first time things like this have happened to me. Like I said, please do not compliment me or praise me; I was clearly put in the role of facilitator.

If you feel like it, say a little prayer for these souls who are working so hard.

And be a facilitator. Don’t just post praying hands when someone needs help. Listen to what Source wants you to do. Prayers need feet.

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