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Sunlight and Other Mental Health Helps:

by Melissa Eaves 6 months ago in self help
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Five Simple and Effective Strategies to Combat Stress

Sunlight and Other Mental Health Helps:
Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

Often this life is ragged, hectic, unruly, unweildy, unhealthy and unkempt. We rush from place to place all to find time to relax yet when we get there we are find that our minds our stuck in hurry up and get throught this, leaving us no moments of truly me time, to unwind, relax and recoop.

We often rush from task to task looking forward to our good moments yet when we get there the mental stressors of the day have somehow eaten our enjoyment and capacity for mindfullness.

Here are five often overlooked and simple factorings that when added to a day can make a life that is better enjoyed and actually will work to clearing our good moments of mental clutter for full enjoyment.


By Michael Held on Unsplash

Everyone knows that the benefit of sunlight is far reaching and an excellent mood booster but did you know that like plants a human can wither up and….. well not die….. from it but become depressive enough to feel like dying?

The benefits of sunlight are proven but did you know that what it does is create Vitamin D?Which is the combat vitamin for serious depressives. Yeah, being in the sun literally creates Vitamin D for our bodies to use.

10 to 15 minutes in the sun is enough for the skin to get busy and in a light skinned person 50,000 units of Vitamin D is manufactured. This is enough to create the mood boosting hormones and serotonin that are responsible for mood improvement,clarity, focus and to ward SAD(seasonal effective disorder)(Nall,2019). Vitamin D is a definitive helper in mood boosting and stabilization as well as believed to help combat various disease.

Anything in nature gives a better and general overall sense of well being but sunlight in particular actually boosts the skins creation of Vitamin D which helps with mood stability and over all feelings of positivity.

So, make sure and step outside today and linger outdoors for about fifteen minutes to get the elevation to your mood that the outdoor light provides.


By Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Oxytocin is a chemical released in skin to skin contact between humans. It is a bonding agent and it increases over all senses of well being and is also a chemical that influences our perception of who we trust and or who provides for us.. It is particularly beneficial between mother and child or parent and child but it has its strongest release during sexual activities.

It has been referred to as the cuddle hormone because it boosts serotonin and creates lasting impressions of sense of belonging and generalized well being. In the human frame positive physical affirmation is one of the greatest bringers of personal contentment and well being.

A well developed person takes full advantage of cuddling and personal and physical intimacy.

So in short; not only is it fun, rewarding and enjoyable it actually has lasting mental health benefits that are carried with you throughout the day, week and months.


By kike vega on Unsplash

I know that no one wants to hear it but exercise and especially cardiovascular is one of the single and best destressors that one can engage in. One half an hour of cardio a day boosts seratonin to levels that can bring an insomniac restful sleep. I have personally noticed vast differences in my capacity to get to sleep and the quality of it on the days that I engage in cardiovascular work outs.

Strength training is also beneficial in that it tones, shapes, increases longevity and endurance strength. It is a huge confidence booster and after a few short months it helps one get that unstoppable positivity that the glowing health conscious always have.

And lastly, yoga is the god of a workout. It is the finisher and the meditative. When engaing in yoga one reaches a point of learning to control ones body and physical structure that gives them added control over mind and life.

On a side note, yoga is also cool because it takes what you have worked for and streches and tones and kind of gives that feeling of karmic balance and positive self control that is foundational for mental health.

Motivational Meditations

By Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

Always, always make time for inspirational words and or things like thoughts of the day. Whether its your favorite speaker, or a bible calendar, or a guru or your fitness coach or pastor or an ancient philosopher that inspires and motivates you, keep your favorite quotes on hand (or books) and make a point of setting aside a little time each day to meditate and reflect.

This helps to redirect you and set your focus to a higher plane of thoughts rather than just struggling to make it throughout the day.


By Brandy Kennedy on Unsplash

And lastly, humans have a tendency to suffer from something called solitude deprivation. Without time to stop and be alone, our minds become overcrowded and we never actually have the time to step back, take a breath and recharge to keep the fuel of ourselves burning for our lives meanings and tasks. We are then more susceptible to burn outs and stressors.

Solitude is important. Whether its a moment on the front porch alone with the crickets or a half an hour star gaze, a mountain hike, a bike ride, or a ride in the car with favorite music these times are important to declutter and knock the stressors from our lives.

In conclusion,

Get enough sunlight, enough time outdoors…let nature destress and fuel your mind.

Get enough oxytocin/cuddle time with your kids and or signifigant other…this increases well being and sense of belonging for miles of less anxiety ridden days.

Don't skip the work outs…even if its just 20 mins or a slow start to build pattern…your health life span and mental aptitude depends on it.

Motivational readings are elemental in setting mind frames, motivating and reaffirming.

Solitude….don't forget the me time…the time to breathe time, be alone time and this will not only destress yourself but the people who love you will have a more quality you to be with as well.

To summarize, you are important. You are the only you. Taking care of yourself is also equitabble to loving others as you are keeping the best you available. This is your only life. Keeping these things in mind but formatting the advice given in this article will actually set the tone for a fuller and richer life…As you apply these principles over time and even short term you will notice drastic changes in your stress levels and your ability to handle them.


Nall, R. April 1, 2019. What are the benefits of sunlight?


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