Stranger Things: The Monster From The Show Is Real, And Here's How I Kicked Its Ass

I was waking up on a Friday morning, and found out something that you and I couldn't have guessed before.

Stranger Things: The Monster From The Show Is Real, And Here's How I Kicked Its Ass

Its real name? The Mind Flayer. A piece of advice? Do not befriend it, because the way it is pictured in the show is very close to reality. What it does in Stranger Things might slightly be different, but still, that monster can settle into your mind, without sending any warning, and enjoy the pleasure to take you to the Upside down.

As I was waking up on a Friday morning, the lights of the sun came in straight into my face. I know, the beginning of the article sounds boring, but wait for it, you might feel familiar with the story that is about to be told.

Still lying on my bed, I gently opened my eyes and looked all around my room. While I could observe the crumbs of dust flying through the room because of the sunbeam passing by the window, I realized that the world was keeping ongoing on, always moving on forward, and so was my duty.

The problem here? I had forgotten I had that duty – like any other human being. Not only had I forgotten I had that responsibility, but also, I had fled it for months. And instead, I became best friends with The Mind Flayer.

One day, you wake up, and you feel the worst. You feel the worst because of the accumulation of some events that happen in your life, and of course, none of them was planned. Let's be honest; you cannot get anything you want and whenever you want it, but like any human being, you have a level of tolerance. When your mind considers this one has been reached, it starts reacting in a different way little by little. And it is safe to say: not in a healthy way. That is when that day you wake up feeling the worst turns out to last for weeks and weeks mute into months. Therefore, you end up feeling the worst for a while - and for many many hours.

Well, that was my case, and I was surely not in a good place.

I was not able to fight against something that I was feeling unfamiliar with. Something that had the same appearance as The Mind Flayer.

I had lost a part of my heart, a part of my mind, and a part of my soul. Simply put, I had lost myself. And even before I knew it, I had welcomed a monster in my life.

I knew I was not myself, but I could not help it. It was similar to letting a stranger take possession of my own body and mind. Despite my true self remaining there, deep down, I was not able to gather enough strength, enough courage, enough motivation, and enough rationality to fight against something that I was feeling unfamiliar with. Something that I had pictured like The Mind Flayer.

Then, it hit me. I had been told that that feeling had a name. Not called The Mind Flayer, nope, but known under the name of depression.

It has always surprised me how hard and all of a sudden that shit can hit you— making your entire world unworthy and untrustworthy. It has always amazed me how one single aspect can shift all your vision, your beliefs, and your conceptions about life.

Indeed, anything had changed on my end, but the most impressive part was that feeling that I was now living with The Mind Flayer.

The issue when you let that monster comes into your life is that it eats you from inside and burns your soul little by little. Step by step. Day by day. And this, until you can no longer challenge it, until you can no longer shut it down and ask it to get the Hell out of here.

That reality was the bombshell that had been my main motive to act on it.

However, when I woke up on that Friday, I acknowledged something what different. Indeed, something was different about me.

My ex-boyfriend and I had broken up a few before that Friday morning. I was obviously sad, but I didn't have any other option than getting myself back on track. I was forced to face all the shit I had done to him, but mostly to me. I was forced to realize that I had utterly been haunted with a bundle of unhealthy thoughts and false beliefs about anything in life and that I had wasted the whole time to convince myself they were true. But looking at me in the mirror, for real, was the bombshell that had been my main motive to act on it.

However, my inability to do that before was due to a lack of instructions. I needed someone to help me. I needed some guidance so that it would enlighten me and push me to understand that I had ended up abandoning a significant person, if not the most important person in my life: me.

And the truth is, if I was no longer able to take care of myself, I was not capable of taking care of others either. And that reality was one of the hardest and most painful facts to accept.

So, once I had spent a limitless amount of time to think, to analyze, to ruminate, to understand what the hell I had in mind and why the f*ck I had been acting in such a way, I crushed it. I literally crushed The Mind Flayer.

I kicked its ass by being honest with myself: I am a fallible person, but I am worthwhile no matter what (yep, you too!)

The hardest part was finally over. My obsession with staying in bed and sleep all day long to make sure I would stop thinking and dwelling on my past was no longer my priority and nor was my will to stay all alone.

And for some reason, that Friday morning was promising and full of positivity and full of energy. I had finally been able to bring myself back on track for a few weeks. I knew it was just the beginning of the process, but I knew I was able to do it.

I felt like I was coming back home, and meeting up with my closest friend again after having been here and there in the only wish to get rid of my depressive and unhealthy thoughts. And to shut my own demon out.

Once you have met with The Mind Flayer, your last will is to bump into it ever again.

I still need to be careful, though, and to keep that considerable monster away to never allow it to take me back into the dark place, and let it have some influence on any decision I might be in need to take.

Yet, once you have met with The Mind flayer for an extended period, once you have socialized with it and almost befriended it – even if it grows you weak – your last will is to bump into it ever again in the future.

I'm finally in a good place. A place that I have never visited before, and it feels like a second birth. Except that I'm confined at home, like anyone else, at the moment I write this. But I often ask my helper and myself – what was the point to harm myself so hard and for so long?

I believe once you have been so far away from your mind, and your own true self, the only way to get back into the real world is to become conscious you have been given one chance to spend some time on this planet – and with people you can feel grateful to spend that time with–one chance. So, you better give it the best shot you have, and you better let go of that monster.

Or at least, tell it to sit down and shut up.

Until next time,

Mathilde Clemence –

Mathilde Clemence Personne
Mathilde Clemence Personne
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