Stop Overthinking!

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How to live stress free

Stop Overthinking!

We all get stressed. It’s natural; it’s part of life. Believe it or not the majority of the people go through life stressed out to the max. That person is probably you and you don’t even know it! Stress can cause diseases, it makes us lose our hair/gain weight/clouds our judgement, etc. We all know why we shouldn’t be stressed but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. Well... good news is YOU CAN! That’s what this post is about tonight. If you haven’t noticed, everything I share on here are actual techniques that I use in my day to day life. So yeah. It’s the real deal.

1) Catch yourself in the act.

When you're asking yourself "Why am I mad?" or whatever emotion you strongly feel in one moment, you're subconsciously stressed about something. Something is triggering you to feel that emotion for a number of reasons: an environment you associated with bad memories with, seeing someone you didn't like, replaying an embarrassing/upsetting memory that doesn't seem to go away, wanting to work on your dreams and haven't made the time, etc. The moment you're able to catch yourself is when you'll be able to think like "Ok. I need to calm down. It's not that serious. Everything is fine right now and I'm choosing to be happy right now." Say what you need to say to get yourself to calm down. It's easier said than done. Practicing is key if you want to be happier and less stressed.

2) Deep breathing

Every time I feel I need a break, I start breathing deep. Taking a few deep breaths works to get you to calm down. While I'm doing this I'm also saying positive things to myself while seeing myself succeeding. This may be a simple trick, but it does work! Inhale as much as you can, hold it for a few seconds, then exhale. I do this when I feel I'm about to panic, am panicking, am too upset to the point of tears, angry to the point of not caring about consequences, or when I feel hopeless. Whatever you're feeling you're going to get through it with deep breathing.

3) Speak kindly to yourself.

In a society where everything should have been done yesterday, we're constantly beating ourselves up. There's no reason we should be talking down to ourselves. We should be trying to lift our own spirits up, because everyone around you is most likely going to try to bring you down whether they meant to or not. Practice being nice to yourself and loving yourself. You work hard, you are smart, and you deserve whatever you want in life. How do you expect to get far when your own support system is tearing you down? Let that sink in.

4) Focus on your goals.

When you've calmed yourself down from the situation, think about what you want to accomplish. This works for me every time. After I'm calm from deep breathing I'll think about what I want to accomplish, how it would feel to accomplish my dreams, the things money could buy from it, and knowing that I'm going to get there but living it in my mind. You can't focus on your goals when you're upset. Your mind is choosing to focus on the subject that's upsetting you, clouding your judgement. Being able to take control of your thoughts and choosing to be in a happier mood is a hard skill you're going to have to practice doing. That's a powerful skill to have anyway if you're trying to manifest things into your life.

5) Listen to uplifting music

It's been proven that positive music helps! When everything else fails listening to music is most people's go-to strategy no matter how they're feeling. Instead of choosing to be sad then piling on the depressing music that keeps you in that state. Listening to positive music is going to lift your mood and open up a pathway for you to choose to be happy. Give yourself that opportunity.

Hope you found this helpful. Try to be at peace!

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Laura Doan
Laura Doan
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