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Step Into Your Power

by Jerome Shaw about a year ago in self help

Why you're amazing and how to act like it

Step Into Your Power
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Imagine that you have free will. That you have the choice to make any decision you like. Imagine that the only limitation is your imagination. Now imagine that all the barriers you perceive are in your own mind. What if this concept wasn't just in your imagination?

It took me a long time to realize this for myself. After years of believing that I had no control over the outcome of my life. Believing I was doomed or subject to fate. Just some random kid with ADHD who needed to talk to psychologists and counselors each week. Prescribed medication for lack of focus and depression. Feeling unworthy and powerless.

One of the best things that I ever did in life was give up that victim mentality. The idea that I was not in control. The idea that I never had a choice. The idea that my fate rested in someone else's hands. I gave up that idea a long time ago. Because it simply did not serve me. It didn't serve where I was going, it didn't serve my dreams, and it didn't serve the evolution that I needed in my life. The ascension to my higher self, which has always been within me.

Affirming Who You Are

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"The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one." ~Elbert Hubbard

Your higher self is within you. When will you unlock it? When will you unleash it? When will you show yourself in the world? Show yourself that you are unafraid. Dare to be great and take a risk. For not taking a risk is the greatest risk you could take. What happens if you don't make the choice? That is still choosing. Taking an act of non-action. What happens to life then?

If you feel as though remaining the same is an option, throw that out the window. Everything is changing and there are no straight lines. Everything curves and, in life, we are either curving one way or another. Embrace your power. Embrace the part of you that is eternal. Embrace the part of you that is all knowing. Embrace the power within you.

You are remarkable. You are amazing. You are wonderful. You are wondrous. You are a wonder. You are extraordinary. You are exceptional. You are exquisite. You are enlightened. You are everything and everything is you. You are powerful beyond measure. If this frightens you, then that is a good thing. But do not let the fear of your power stop you from embracing your power. Step into it today and don't wait another second. Start to affirm who you are and you will see it confirmed in your reality.

A Life of Opportunity

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"It is never too late to be what you might have been." ~George Eliot

Refuse to spend another day letting your power lie in the hands of someone else. Refuse to give your power away needlessly. Refrain from saying that you cannot do this or that. Refrain from thinking things just aren't in the cards for you. In life, we do play the hand that we are dealt. But there's no reason to keep folding your hand. And there is no excuse for living a life that you regret.

All of life is an opportunity. If only we have ears to hear it and eyes to see all of the signs. Live your life the way you wish, and not the way you don't. Wish to be all that you can and know that you can. You're the only one who can determine your fate. Like Captain Planet used to say: "The POWER is YOURS!" Step into this power and see your world change.

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