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Stay Focus to Transform Your Life by Doing These Habits

by Michael V 3 months ago in goals
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In life, we need change and grow

Stay Focus to Transform Your Life by Doing These Habits
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You must act like the top 10% of people in order to be in the top 10%. Do stuff to distinguish yourself.

I'm not in the top 10% of earners, and I won't tell you about their daily habits.

But I'll explain to you how I keep my attention protected so I may live a healthy existence. I don't exercise or get up at five in the morning, but in the past year, my reality has entirely changed.

I've gone from feeling completely out of place in my 9–5 job with soul-sucking work to finally making a career doing what I love. As well as treating me very well and the writer's route.

The most significant adjustment is that I feel energized, motivated, and in line with my purpose.

Here’s what helped me get here.

1. Don’t Kill Your Neurons

Have you ever been tempted to click, scroll, and respond by the red notification number?

In a call yesterday, I was complaining about how I hadn't checked my LinkedIn notification button in months. It greatly irritated me.

I stopped checking notifications on several apps a year and a half ago and instead set out time to interact and answer there on my own.

Today's notifications will inevitably cause brain drain, but at least we can choose which brain drain to experience.

To do

Decide which alerts you actually need to see (for me, that's only iMessage) and turn off the rest. Select social media channels where you don't really need to view any notifications and avoid clicking on them at all costs.

Notifications compete for your time and attention. Give them no authority over you.

2. Refreshing Isn’t So Refreshing

It's likely that you examine your stats if you create content online.

Here's a little secret, though: working is what increases stats, not refreshing them.

Continually checking the views, sales, money, etc. statistics is addictive. It is preferable to concentrate on the work you are performing rather than anticipatorily refreshing statistics.

To do

Analyze and take notes on your statistics, but don't let them drive your dopamine levels.

3. Detach From Work

In case I ever apply for a job again, let me tell you something that will hurt my career: I never really cared about work. I didn't work as many late evenings and weekends on my job as my coworkers did since I wasn't as excited about it.

My employer once offered to assist me with a presentation over the weekend. I ought to have answered yes because it would have made a nice first impression. I didn't, though.

It's challenging to practice this while working on your own projects because it's like your child.

Detach from your employment, please, for your own mental health. Move on and forget about it once you press publish or finish a presentation, or whatever you do for a job.

To do

To concentrate on "the work" and not results or what others are saying about it, disengage from your task.

4. Energy Vampires Are Real

You'd realize how few people around you want you to be extraordinary once you succeed (or at least plan to).

To disguise their meanness, some people may discreetly talk down to you in the name of banter. People will pander to you.

Your energy scavengers are these. They'll depress you by letting some of their negativity soak into you.

After my operation, which left me bedridden for six weeks, I was able to distinguish between individuals who cared and those who didn't. People who lived five minutes away from my house didn't care about me, while daily check-ins were made by distant school buddies.

This helped me identify who were my true pals.

To do

Be extremely cautious about the people you choose to associate with.

only hang around with nice friends.


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Michael V

Hi! I am a university student with high interest to share valuable content and lesson I got especially self-improvement topic.

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