Shaved Head (8 Months of Progress)

by Arlee Maxwell 6 months ago in goals

Hey everyone, I know it’s about time for a progress update, so here you go!

What a long but short eight months this has been with my hair. If that makes any sense... My hair was my security blanket and without it I struggled big time!

Shaving my head has also taught me more than I thought it would. At the time I thought I was doing it for one sole purpose, but it turned into something way greater than I ever imagined. I would definitely recommend everyone to give it a go once in there lifetime. Plus playing with wigs has been a lot of fun (but a lot of work & expensive). I have recently stopped wearing wigs as much because unless you can afford a really nice one, the synthetics are hard to keep up with and do not last as long. YA'LL I am just so so so ready to be able to throw a messy bun up, let me tell you. (Insert virtual laughing).

As promised, I am here to remind you on when I said “New things coming soon...” Well this is me introducing it to you! The video you watched above? That is my YouTube channel I have started up to connect more with my readers (aka you). DEFINITELY go subscribe but also comment and let me know my Vocal gang is in support!

I would love to come up with a cool name for y’all because I love you so much and you have made Vocal successful for me in this year. So also comment below under my video and I’ll pick my favorite name for my vocal family.

ALSO I want to make sure I’m producing content I not only like but something y’all will like, so let me know video ideas and things you want to see, because I’m terrible at coming up with content.

And no... I don’t have millions to give away on the street, I don’t have makeup artists and hairdressers (yet), & yeah, so don’t expect that because I promise you will get broke and awkward content from me and nothing less. 🙃

With that said, if you’re feeling extra happy today feel free to *TIP* and support me on my growth. The tips I have already received are amazing and nothing short of appreciated because it makes what I’m doing feel even more worth the while.


*watch video before reading this section*

So as I said in my video, I am getting my wisdom teeth removed. I could seriously use y'alls encouragement because for me this is nerve racking. AND I can’t eat thanksgiving dinner! (I’m gunna probably still try). I think what is motivating me and keeping me positive at this point, is the funny video I might have after the fact. Good content is definitely a plus (am I right or am I right). Go comment below my video and tell me about your experience and any advice I may need to know. What were y'alls go to foods and all that good stuff. Also I try products all the time and in this video I talked about two products that did not work for me at all. Not saying it won’t work for you but I give an honest opinion about my experience with products and that’s that.

Thank you again for the ongoing support and I’m super excited for the next chapter in my life. I definitely see major growth in this upcoming year!! 🙌🏼 See y’all again soon but I’ll be looking like a drugged chipmunk, so MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE and turn the notifications on so you don’t miss it.

Arlee Maxwell
Arlee Maxwell
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