Self-Care: Good for You, Good for Me, Good for Us!

Why, When, Where We Need to Take Care of Ourselves and Some Ways to Become a Better You

Self-Care: Good for You, Good for Me, Good for Us!
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Self-care, one of the easiest things we can do for ourselves, but yet it seems like we never have time to do it, or at least just don't seem to want to do it. Like any university student, I feel that! But hear me out, self-care isn't just pedicures and eating healthy, heck no!

Self-care is getting enough sleep to function the next day, or any sleep at all. Self-care is eating things you enjoy one a regular basis or even once in awhile. Self-care is making time for yourself, from sitting at a computer for half the day to a brief five minutes for you to catch your breath.


Why should we take care of ourselves, physically and mentally? Why would we even want to!?

That right there sounds ridiculous, don't you agree?

We should be taking care of ourselves everyday. And yes, it's hard when some of use lack the motivation to put ourselves together in the morning or lack the energy to even get out of bed, but just waking up is self-care.

Self-care can range from getting simple tasks done to even sorting out your life. In all, self-care can be anything as long as it benefits you.

So why self-care, as asked before. Well it has its factors, as you, the reader could probably expect.

  • Feel Good Factor:
    • After taking a long hot bath, and nearly falling asleep seven times, don't you feel refreshed and doesn't it lighten up your mood?
  • "Treat yo'self"
    • Pampering yourself doesn't have to be caviar on a gold plate, but even a second pop-tart after you devoured the first in milliseconds. Instead of worrying about the future, worry about the now. The pop-tart will be digested now! I'll look fine later on!
  • Spread the Love
    • When you self-care, people around you will be tempted to follow like a herd of sheep. People are suckers for trends and the latest things, such as technology. By telling people you, for example, took time to paint your nails, people may be tempted to treat themselves later on and paint their own nails or do something nail related!


Time is of the essence, or so people say. Though people fill their time with things to do like jobs, errands, hobbies, traveling, there's always a time to take a breather, even when the only available time to do so is when you're waiting for the bus or even going to bed. Any you time can be self-care time if you think about it positively.

  • Mentality
    • Think of yourself as a successful being, or as a god/goddess. Consider all the good things you did with your day, and/or how you can do better tomorrow. Babe, you can put your mind to anything and so do it! #StayPositive
  • Physical
    • Even the smallest of gestures could have a big meaning! Gurl, you may have hours to waste, or minutes to spare, use that time to your advantage! Change your wallpaper on your phone to something that makes you smile, or even hold you own hand. If you have enough time, take yourself on a date! You don't need another person to have a good time!


You could be on a plane to Cairo or in your parents' basement. Taking care of yourself doesn't have to depend on your whereabouts physically, but mentally. You must be willing to be optimistic! If you're mentally ill or suffering, please find help! That's also self care.

Some Ideas of Things We Can Do to Take Care of Ourselves!

  • Take yourself on a date (with someone or without!)
  • Eat healthy
  • Eat something not healthy that you love
  • Exercise
  • Reflect on yourself, of all the good times you had
  • Wear your favourite band shirt, or new earrings
  • Listen to music that moves you
  • Bathe with candles around you with rose petals and bath salts in the water
  • Pick up a hobby
  • Do things you love
  • Follow a hashtag that makes you smile

Just know, you're worth everything, and like Rupaul says,

How are you gonna love anyone else if you don't love yourself!
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