Self Care

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Becoming a better you.

Self Care

The ultimate guide to taking care of yourself, while taking care of others.

We as women always take care of other people in our family or our lives. It can be whatever you want it to be, whatever makes you feel good and prepared for life's challenges. Well, here are a few ways you can take care of yourself, just in case you need some help with ideas.

1. Watching a guilty pleasure/YouTube channel

We all have them, and they are amazing and make us feel all nice and warm inside. While we cannot tell people, in fear of being judged, we most definitely will take time out to watch an episode or two or just binge-watch an entire series on Netflix (which I do not recommend). If you watch something on YouTube that makes you happy or find a guilty, please enjoy it.

2. Getting some sun

Going to sit outside or going for a walk can help change your mood and helps elevate the levels in your brain. Getting a few minutes outside can help ease your depression and anxiety. You can also use that time to clear your head or organize your thoughts. Making sure that you make it outside even for a few minutes can improve your day and your mood. Trust me on that.

3. Me time

Any way you want to spend, do it. Reading a book, going for a swim, locking yourself in a closet, hiding away from everyone that you know, dancing around the house like a wild lady. It is important to take time out for yourself because that is when you rebuild, rejuvenate your being and that is how you can be a better you. Rebuild yourself for your family, your brand and most importantly your peace of mind.

4. Treat yourself

Everyone loves a treat now and then. Do not buy or do special things for other people and forget yourself. Buy yourself those shoes or that bag or that outfit. Whether it costs one dollar or a thousand, do not forget yourself when it comes to nice things. You deserve the freaking world! So how about you give it to yourself, every once in a while; do not wait for someone else to give it to you.

5. Rest!

You need to sleep! I do not care what anybody else says, everyone needs naps, sometimes during the day, and a good night’s sleep. Just rest your body, please. Do not believe the hype that rich and prosperous people don't sleep because that is a lie, they do and so should you. Everybody needs rest, it helps you come up with wonderful ideas that can push you into the right direction of your life, career, and goals.

6. Do you boo!

The ultimate self-care is doing what makes you ultimately happy ,and that is the best self-care, as long as it does not hurt anyone or yourself. Nobody can tell you how to take care of yourself, because the care you give yourself is the most important. Do your favorite things and put a smile on your face. BOOM! That is true self-care.

Self-care is truly wonderfully simple if you think about it; it is about being true to yourself, taking accountability for yourself, putting yourself first, and making sure other people know that you come first to you.

Take care of yourself. Also, self-care does not mean being a jerk to everyone around you; you can say no or "I do not want to" and still be kind about it. Enjoy yourself at all times.

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