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by Raven Tilford about a year ago in self help

Single Mom Edition

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There are days where I just sit down and think. Life requires a lot of sacrifices. Sometimes we fantasize about a world with less responsibility. Of course it would be ideal but things just doesn’t work in that fashion. Can I speak on the real sacrifice of being a single mom. Lack of time to take care of yourself. There are days I hide in the bathroom just for a break. It isn’t easy not having a chance to breathe. Time to myself would be amazing but mom duties calls. Giving majority of my time to little human beings can be exhausting. They will grow up to become amazing people. All of my hard work pays off. Let’s speak on the sadness sometimes. Not being able to cry in peace, wanting to lay in bed some days and never getting up. I’ve dealt with depression 10 plus years and sometimes it comes back knocking on my door. Simply getting up to cook would cause me to feel sick inside. This is the side of motherhood that never gets talked about. Days were I feel life just doesn’t have purpose. Same routine over and over can become boring. For the women that are tired and feeling unfulfilled. I understand how you feel and once felt that way. I know as women we have to make a lot of sacrifices but one day things will be better. I’m not ashamed to say there were days I wished for a better life. Asking why did I create this type of life.....

ACCEPTANCE!!! Accepting that things just aren’t the way I imagine. It’s ok to wish for a better life but accepting the one you have. Can make a powerful effect on the your life. Honestly wishing for things consistently can cause built up stress. Thoughts of how or when it will happen. Hey, I’m a big dreamer as well. Waking up from your day dream jut just to face reality m. It can be a bit disappointing. Here’s a trick used to move forward in life. Wake up, look around you, and accept this is the life you were given. Your stress will lower drastically. I know for sure I can vouch for this one.

What does your self care routine looks like? At first I neglected myself for years. Then I realize I’m the most important piece to the puzzle. Fueling myself will allow me to reach higher vibrations. The better you feel, situations can appear less bothersome. Theses are some great tips to add to your routine; Waking up a hour early, meditate for 10 min., listen to a positive podcast, comb your hair, put on that outfit that makes you feel good, dance around for while, take a walk and etc. There are plenty of ways to make sure your giving your body proper treatment. While you’re out there making sacrifices. Never neglect your self care. Remember, when there’s a storm coming. You have to go through it to become a better version of yourself.

- It’s been real guys! Until we meet again. Love Rae

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Raven Tilford
Raven Tilford
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Raven Tilford

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