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Rise Up...You Got This !

You Are Worthy, Resilient and Courageous

By Teodora NavidadPublished 9 months ago 4 min read
Rise Up...You Got This !
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The sun is a daily reminder that we too can

rise again from the darkness,

that we too can shine us

own light.


This article is for all people that has been broken from their past or is currently going through some kind of darkness in their life right now. I was inspired after hearing the theme song for the animated family movie,” Ugly Dolls “,” Broken and Beautiful” Song by: Kelly Clarkson.

The words are very positive and inspirational and touched me profoundly. It made me think about friends, family and acquaintances that so kindly shared their stories about their life and past with me. Their stories made me think of how people can still have grace in their brokenness.

People can be truly amazing and at times we wouldn’t know that they had difficulties or are currently going through a hard time, because they show their strength to the world no matter what is happening to them now or what difficulties they had in their past.

These are the lyrics from song,” Broken and Beautiful” in animated movie, “Ugly Dolls.” Song by: Kelly Clarkson

I don’t need your help, I don’t need sympathy, I don’t need you to lower the bar for me. I know I’m strong, I’m superwoman. I know I got this, because I had it in me all along. I am phenomenal, I am enough. I don’t need you to tell me who to be. If someone told me, don’t fix me, don’t try to change a thing. I’m broken and beautiful. Just hold me, because underneath I’m broken and beautiful. Just know I’m going to fly. I’ll be just fine and I’m wise. I feel like I’m failing and losing my mind. Your beautiful…your beautiful…your broken and beautiful.

The words of the song are truthful and honest. We can use these words to reflect and think how we can relate to them in our own lives and with others. A lot of us can feel unworthy at times. Just know you are worthy and can be confident and strong even if you have flaws or made many mistakes in your life. Remember that you are beautiful and can have grace with your brokenness.

The words of the theme song from,” Ugly Dolls” are words that we can all reflect on and relate to no matter your age, race, culture, weight, height, a man or a woman, tall, short, awkward or weird. We are all unique and special in our own way, and some of us may be broken from our past.” But we can still be proud of who you are, not ashamed of how someone sees you”. Quote by Unknown.peacefulmindpeacefullife

Everything you are going through

is preparing you

for what you asked for…

beautifulminds0. @1positivewomen

I can relate to being broken, because I am one of those people that had a difficult past and went through a lot of darkness and had feelings of being unworthy. I used to worry what other people thought of me in my personal life.

I think back to when I was in Elementary school being the only Filipino and looking different from other kids. Other kids didn’t understand why I looked different from them and why my skin was darker than theirs. I was called a few names that were not nice to hear as kid. It didn’t help that I had a dysfunctional upbringing either.

As I aged, I had other problems with perfectionism, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression. It was a long road to find the light again and that rainbow in the sky.

Having the confidence, belief that I am worthy of good things and loving myself helped me become a stronger person. Being a spiritual person and practicing mindfulness has taught me to become more peaceful to my inner critic and to live in the present moment, which is very important nowadays with so much negativity surrounding us every day.

Also having a support system of close friends helps me get through difficult times of anything I am going through in the present. I know what ever hardships I’m going through, I just have to remember that everything is going to be okay because life is hard, and I am a survivor. Remember you too are survivors and are strong and can get through whatever life throws at you.

Especially with the protests and Coronavirus still going on. The world is starting to open up again. But a lot of people are still being impacted. Some people have lost their jobs, become homeless, have become financially strapped and lost loved ones to Coronavirus pandemic. We just have to remember that in these difficult times we have to pick ourselves up and tell ourselves that, you got this, and everything is going to be okay.

Like the lyrics from the movie,” Ugly Dolls” song by: Kelly Clarkson. The words are goods words to live by.” I know that I am strong, I know I got this, because I had it all along, I am phenomenal, I’m wise, I broken and beautiful. You are beautiful. Now I can say the same.

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Teodora Navidad

I currently live in San Diego, California near the coast. I'm working my BA in Graphic Design and Media Arts Concentration UX Design at Southern New Hampshire University. I enjoy painting and writing about Empowerment.

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