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Rich Privilege

tips from a billionaire on how to increase your wealth

By Susan Eileen Published 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 6 min read
Rich Privilege
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All that money looks good, doesn't it? It would solve almost of your problems, but how do you get more of it, in the short term and the long-term? What steps can you take today, to make it a better tomorrow? That is the goal isn't it - to make money now, so that you have some down the road in case of illness, or just garden variety burnout.

Delayed Gratification is key in maintaining your long-term goals. Discipline is the key in having money for a rainy day. Further, discipline leads to flexibility. Think of it this way: if you do load of laundry every night after work, on Saturday and Sunday, when it is time ro rest and recharge, you will have time to enjoy the weather, or whatever opportunity comes your way. You will rest and recharge on the weekends and work during the week. You can't take a vacation every week, but you can make your time off count, which is just as rewarding. Your time off can also be used to improve yourself, to make more money.

You will need delayed gratification if you want to make more money. Instead of eating the cookie now, you can eat three later. Does that sound like a plan? If you have the discipline to wait for the three cookies, think of what you will have if you can wait to spend any money. Stop any type of junk spending, as I call it, when you go to the store. All of the junk that will just end up in a landfill or the ocean? Stop that spending. So what can you do today, that will help you in the long-run?

The following are the most important money making tips. These are also privileges of the rich, that I have observed, that allows them to maximize their money. Take what will work for you, and leave the rest behind, if they won't work for you. But please, take at least one, to inject into a billionaire's productivity tools into your day. These are in no particular order.

1. Sleep. Sounds pretty basic, right? Sleep is the key to everything. If you go into the office refreshed, you're going to be kicking ass and taking names when you show up to work. This could lead to a promotion, or any number of rewards at work, possibly even a recommendation from an esteemed colleague.

2. High Quality Food. Also, very basic, but who can work while they are hangry? A person with more discipline can spend a day or an evening cooking in bulk, to prevent trips to McDonalds. Random money purchases are taking the dream with out of your hand. Mental illness gets amplified by poor health choices. If you're depressed or manic, your food could very well be a large part of it. Look into gut health. I promise you, your diet is killing your mental stabillity.

3. Science and technology - Having a father who was a semi- famous astronomer - it altered my life in so many I cannot count. But most importantly, I received a science and tech "degree" at home, growing up, during a time when women didn't have that luxury. Knowing science and technology is what I have built my career on.

4. Connections and guidance. As the saying goes, it's not who you blow, its about who you know. The single biggest contributor into family dynstasties of money is connections, role models, and guidance. If you have one friend in their dream job at Draft Kings, or as an instructor in the Keys, and your foot is in the door. This leads to high-paying job, more money, more connections. Like a snowball, your money is now picking up speed. Volunteer to make connections. My entire career started high above the ground level because of connections I made while volunteering. Build your network and be careful with whom you may your alliances.

5. Buying In Bulk - This is one of the more trivial aspects of being rich, but buying in bulk has much more far-reaching effects that you think. If your car breaks down, and there are a lot of staples in your pantry, the cost of the car repair isn't so dire. If you can fix your car without delay, and still have food to eat until payday, repair won't be as painful. If you buy in bulk, you might have money for a vacation, a college class, or anything your heart desires.

6. Preventative Maintenance - Speaking of car repairs, preventative maintenance is the key to making more money. How many job applications have you seen, where it says, reliable transportation needed. How many times have you missed work due to a flat tire? Preventative maintenance leads to more money down the road.

7. Money Reproduces - when you invest your money, your money makes money babies with the bank's money. The perfect side hustle makes you money while your sleep. That is my goal, in terms of becoming a writer. If I am asleep in my bed, and someone buys my book from Amazon, I will be literally making money in my sleep. That sounds good doesn't it?

8. Productivity tools. Rich people have productivity tools. I have a very simple and cheap productivity tool for you - it is the "Define My Day" planner and it has been working very well for me. Google it.

9. Self-Care - self care is in the top five things a billionaire can do, that you can't. Without self-care, you will never realize financial goals, and you will suffer burn out, you will fall into a victim mentality, you'll lose sight of any perspective when living in survival mode. Somehow, some way, do a little self care. Play golf, get your nails done, go for a walk in the woods.

10. Hobbies – hobbies are essential to self-care. If your dream is to someday have some art hanging up some where, you will need to practice, practice, practice that hobby. What rich people do is to combine their hobbies with potential money making opportunities. A side hustle if you will - making quilts, playing a musical instrument. Hobbies give your life meaning. You are not supposed to just pay bills and die. Death is guaranteed. Life is not. Please live a little.

11. Doctor’s Appointments –health concerns cost the economy a lot of money. Doctor's appointments are preventative maintenance for your body. Think of how many people you know that have bad teeth. Depending on the part of the country, it could be a lot. Something simple as keeping your teeth cleaned can lead to more money. No tooth problems, no missed time from work, no pain. There is no health scare to divert you to from your focus and your goals. You must do everything in your power to stay focused on your goals.

12. Mastery of Content Matter. When you pay your mechanic to work on the brakes, you are not just hiring him to work on the brakes, you are hiring him for the 10,000 hours that went into the education behind it. Rich privilege having more of an opportunity to master their subject matter. Being healthy means being able to hold down a job. Mastery of Content leads to more money. Experience and exceptional work is the key to financial independence.

13. Self-Actualization – Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. If your basic needs aren't met, you won't be able to self-actualize. Self-actualization is the ability to reach one's potential. It's really the key to happiness. Make sure your basic needs are met, and you will be able to realize your goals.

14. Taking Care of your body and your appearance. Have you ever wondered why you didn't get the job? Do you feel that only skinny people and glamour boys and get all the breaks? They probably do. Don't dress for the job you want, dress for the job you want to have. If you feel your appearance is holding you back, do something about it, even if its just walking around your block after dinner and a trip to get your eyebrows waxed. Besides, if you look good, you feel good.

15. Pay cash for everything - interest is lost income. You're trying to increase your wealth, not decrease it. Credit cards and payday loans, seem like a good idea at the time, but try getting out from under that debt. It takes forever because of the interest.

I hope that you can take one or more of the tools to put into use soon.

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