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Reflections 7 – Be Patient – The First Step – Luck

by Oliver T. Spedding 2 months ago in self help
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Ask not for a lighter load but rather for a stronger back.

Ask not for a lighter load but rather for a stronger back.


Oliver T. Spedding


Impatience is one of the major obstacles that we face when trying to achieve something.

This isn’t uncommon as we are usually filled with enthusiasm and excitement and looking forward to achieving our goal.

The road to success is almost always littered with obstacles and each obstacle requires time to overcome.

For this reason we should accept that what we are striving for will always take longer than we anticipated.

It is well known that the more obstacles we overcome during our progress towards our goals, the more we will appreciate reaching them and the more complete and worthwhile they will be.

Goals that are easily reached seldom have any great value and are often discouraging.

To achieve a consistent rate of progress we need to approach each obstacle that we encounter with a willingness to spend whatever time is necessary so as to overcome the problem completely.

Hastily solved problems inevitably lead to incomplete solutions and more problems further along the road.

This can result in more time being used than would have been used to solve the first problem properly.

You are a work in progress which means that you get to wherever you want to go a little at a time, not all at once.


Any journey that we wish to undertake cannot be completed unless we begin and often this is the most difficult part of the trip.

There are usually two factors that make this first step so difficult; a lack of confidence and a fear of failure.

Both these factors can however be overcome.

The lack of confidence that we usually feel before embarking on any project stems mostly from a lack of knowledge about what we are undertaking.

The obvious thing to do in this case is to increase our knowledge of what we want to do.

It’s amazing how an increase in knowledge can boost our confidence and make us eager to start.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge we acquire, the more power we will have over our lack of confidence.

We need to take care though, that we don’t use the acquisition of knowledge as a means of avoiding the first step.

Bear in mind that as you progress along your path you will be acquiring more and more knowledge sot it is not necessary to try and acquire all the knowledge you need before starting.

The way to handle your fear of failure is to always remember that everyone makes mistakes but that people who succeed use the lessons that they learn from their mistakes to overcome the obstacles that have arisen.

What you need to do is ignore the mistake and focus on the reason for the mistake.

This may require you to find more information about what you are doing and this should be approached with enthusiasm, knowing that the more you know about what you are doing, the more successful you will be.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step - Lao Tzu.


There is one ingredient for success that applies to all types of success, and that is luck.

The most obvious types of luck in the financial sphere are inheritances and winning competitions such as the lottery.

But these types of luck don’t guarantee success.

What is important is that it’s not the inheritance or prize that count, but what is done with them.

If they are simply neglected or left to continue as they were received, the chances are that they will eventually fail or waste away.

The other type of luck that is far more important is personal skill.

This type of luck, if recognized and nurtured, can lead, not just to financial success, but to many other benefits.

But, just like financial luck, the inheritance of a personal skill needs to be developed and its potential exploited.

If this ability is exploited by concentrated practice and dedication, success in many spheres can be attained.

Being born with a natural ability to do something doesn’t guarantee success.

Most times that ability needs to be advertised and exposed to people who can help to develop it.

To increase their chances of success, successful people practice diligently to improve their skill, build up their self-confidence and then promote themselves wherever they can.

Luck plays a huge part in everybody’s lives, from small everyday experiences to life-changing events, and we need to exploit this providence whenever and wherever we can.

We should recognize that luck takes an enormous variety of guises, all of which can be nurtured and exploited to our advantage.

Take a little time to stand back and look at yourself and try to establish what luck has been bestowed on you. It could change your life dramatically.


Photo credit - Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

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